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Juices and Light Balanced Diet is "Healthy Diet." It is the Natural source of essential minerals, Proteins, rich Vitamins and important Antioxidants compounds.
Case history of patients who have gained and achieved benefits from Urine Therapy

Dr. K.C.BALLAL, "Dr. BALLAL'S AYUR care Clinic" has been recommending and referring his patients suffering from chronic disease from the year 1995 to me and all of them have gained and achieved benefits from this treatment. (Dr. K. C. BALLAL Mob: - 09900567924)
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SRI RAMAKRISHNA REDDY (M) 55 years was suffering from intense severe pain in the stomach. Due to intense pain he could not stand, sit and sleep properly. He was admitted in various hospitals in Bangalore and Hyderabad. After Scanning and complete checkup, Doctors diagnosed him for having Multiple Stones in the Gall Bladder and they advised him for Surgery and removal of the "Gall Bladder".

On my advice Sri Ramakrishna Reddy started "Urine Therapy" in September 2006. He realized that his severe pain was gradually reducing day by day and within 7 days the pain completely stopped. He continued the treatment for 60 days, and thereafter went to Hyderabad and got readmitted in the Hospital for Scanning and complete checkup. Doctors who diagnosed and examined him were surprised to find that there were no traces of stones in Gall Bladder and eventually they advised him that Surgery is not required.


SRI SRICHAND (M) age 58 years was diagnosed for Motor Neuron Disease (M.N.D.) in March 2005. He was consuming 12 tablets per day as advised by his Doctor and in spite of that his health was deteriorating day by day. During the period of 1½ years his immunity system, Nerves and muscles below the shoulder level gradually became weak. All the joints of hands and legs had become stiff and inactive and he was unable to move or lift his finger, hands and legs. Due to the deterioration and weakness he had lost muscles in his body.

On my advice late Sri SRICHAND started Urine Therapy in November 2006 and stopped consuming all tablets. In the short period of 10 days he started feeling energy in his body. The deterioration of his health stopped and his immunity system gradually started improving. All his stiff joints of hands and legs become loose and mobile. The nerves system improved and muscles developed in his entire body. He gradually developed movements in his shoulder, hands, knee joints and other portion of the body to some extent.

People who are diagnosed with Motor Neuron of any other disease wherein the body starts deteriorating should start Urine Therapy immediately to control and stop the further deterioration of the body without any delay.


SRI KUPPASWAMY (M) Age 75 had a Paralyzed stroke and was admitted in the hospital and after several test and diagnoses he was discharged after 30 days. Due to the paralyzed stroke his right portion of the body including his hand and leg become stiff and inactive, and he could not move his right hand and leg. While moving few steps he required the support of 2 persons and in spite of that he could only drag his right leg as he could not lift his leg. At the same time he had lost his speech and could not speak a single word. As he was unable to speak, he only used to produce some sound from the mouth which no body could understand.

Late Sri KUPPASWAMY started Urine Therapy and in the period of 75 days the joints of his hands and legs which were very stiff and hard became loose and mobile. He was able to lift his right leg to some extent and walk few steps with the light support of one person. While lying on his back portion he could lift his right leg up and down. The muscles of his entire body became relaxed and he was feeling light, energetic and comfortable.

He was able to speak few words and his voice became soft which was very rough earlier. The hairs started growing on the centre portion of his head which was totally bald earlier. He had become fair in complexion and was looking younger than earlier.

HAIR LOSS - SMT. ASHA RANI (F) Age 40 years

SMT. ASHA RANI (F) age 40 years contacted me on mobile and said that her hairs were falling every day and she has taken various medicines as advised by Doctors but nothing was helping her. She enquired whether she could get benefit from "Urine Therapy." On my advice she started drinking Urine once in the morning and kept Urine Wet Pack on her head at night and removed it in the morning. To her surprise within a period of 30 days her hairs stopped falling and started growing longer.


Sri VINOD (M) age 15 years was suffering from severe knee pain, swelling on the knee joint in the right leg and had difficulty in walking. He had undergone Biopsy test and the other entire test but doctors could not diagnose anything. He continued Urine Therapy for 45 days and he was totally relieved from his knee pain, swelling and was able to walk properly.

ASTHMA - SRI PRASAD (M) Age 52 years

SRI PRASAD (M) age 52 was suffering from ASTHMA from 35 years (Asthma affected him at the age of 17th years.) He used to have regular cold and running nose. Almost every day he had difficulty in breathing problem. He started drinking only 200 ml of Urine every day in the morning. In the period of four months his severe ASTHMA problem was reduced by 70% and he was relieved from Cold and Breathing problem.


SMT. JAYALAKSHMI (F) age 58 years was operated for Heart Surgery and thereafter she had difficulty in walking and she was not able to climb the stair case. On my advice she started only massaging her body daily with her own Urine and was taking only light diet. In the period of 2 months she started walking in the proper manner and she could climb stair case without any kind of problem and any difficulty.

ULCER - SMT. VEENA (F) Age 30 years

SMT. VEENA (F) age 30 years had developed "Ulcer" in the right leg i.e. the wound on the sole of her foot from three years. The Sensation had reduced in the right foot. She was admitted in NIMHANS and other Hospital for 3 times. She was diagnosed with defect at L5-S1 level with tethered cord. In spite of her admission in the hospital and consulting doctors for three years she could not find any relief and had difficulty in walking.

On my advice SMT. VEENA started Urine Therapy in November 2006. Apart from drinking Urine, massaging she kept Urine wet pack on her right leg. The wound started healing in gradual manner and in period of 60 days (2 Months) her wound i.e. her "Ulcer" was completely Cured and she has regained the sensation in her right foot. She has been relived from pain and all other problems. She is able to walk properly and leading healthy life.

HIV/AIDS - SRI RAVI KUMAR (M) Age 34 years

SRI RAVI KUMAR (M) Age 34 years was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in the year 2004. There were number of black patches on his skin and some portions were appearing like burnt skin. All the hairs in his body had disappeared and he had severe Dandruff on his head. He was suffering from various problems, feeling weak, numbness and was not having any energy in his body. He was unable to do his daily activities and could not attend his office regularly. His health was deteriorating day by day. His CD4 counts had reduced to 250 cells.

On my advice SRI RAVIKUMAR started Urine Therapy in March 2009. Within a period off 10 days the deterioration of his health stopped completely and his physical health started improving. After adopting Urine Therapy he has not taken any tablets. The black patches on the skin and some portions of his skin which were appearing like burnt skin has disappeared. New skin has developed and the entire complexion of his body has become very clear and soft. The hairs have re-grown on his new skin. The Dandruff on his head has been cured and he does not have any problem. His CD-4 counts had increase from 250 cells to 663 cells in February 2010. Thereafter he has not undergone any test. His immune system has improved and he is feeling energetic, healthy attending his normal activities regularly without any problem.


SRI ABHISHEK (M) 11 year boy was diagnosed for Muscular Dystrophy and Disability. He was consuming "Steroids" 30 mg tablets every alternative day as advised by his Doctor from 5 years and in spite of that his muscles were gradually becoming weak day by day. He had difficulty in walking, could not climb the stair case and used to fall down sometimes due to the weakness of his muscles. He required support of two persons to get up from the chair and stand up.

SRI ABHISHEK started Urine Therapy and within the short period of 30 days he started feeling energetic and gained the stamina in his body. The "Steroids" tablets were gradually reduced every week and he was consuming 15 mg every alternative day. His weak muscles starting improving and he was feeling strength in his body. He was able to get up from the chair on his own ability without anybody's support. He was able to walk better than earlier and he had not fallen down even a single time while walking. He continued Urine Therapy for about 45 days. After 45 days he stopped the treatment as he was keen on going to school and attending his classes.


Master RAKSHITH (M) 9 year old boy was diagnosed with "Steroids Dependent Nephrotic Syndrome" (kidney problem) at the age of 1½ years and he was loosing proteins in the Urine. As advised by Doctors he was consuming Steroids tablets 30 mg to 5 mg daily. In spite of that he used to suffer from Headache, Stomach pain and Body pain very often. He had swelling in his face, stomach, legs and other portions of the body. He was also having severe cough and wheezing problem and was unable to lead active life and could not play like other children.

Master RAKSHITH started Urine Therapy in December 2008. After he started the treatment Steroid tablets were gradually reduced to nil. Within a period of 10 days the severe cough and the wheezing problem stopped completely and he started improving day by day. He has been relieved from all kinds of pain and does not have swelling in any portion of his body. He has become hale and healthy and is going to his school, attending his classes regularly and playing with other children which he could not do it earlier. He continued the treatment for 3 months. After 3 months he has been continuing drinking 1 Liter of his own Urine after coming back from the school. He has become intelligent, very active, feeling energetic, leading healthy life and does not have any problem. "Steroid" Tablets have been completely stopped.

"Nephrotic Syndrome" affected by Birth can be Controlled/ Cured Persons will not be "dependent on Steroid"


BABY AMRUTHA (F) 9 year girl, was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Micro Cephaly, Generalized Seizure disorder by birth.

She was in a vegetative state for 9 years and she was suffering from various problems. She had developed progressive side ward bending of spine. Her both hands and both legs were twisted and all her joints were very stiff. She was totally disabled as she was unable to sit, stand or walk. She was not able to move her hands and legs. She was not able to hold her neck and could not turn her head. She was not able to speak a word and she was not able to communicate anything. She was born with the squint eyes and was unable to turn or move her eye balls. Her eye balls use to fall down which were not visible clearly and one could see only white screen in her eyes. She could neither see nor hear anything and could not express herself in any manner. She was surviving by taking smashed food in form of liquid as she was unable to move her jaws and could not eat anything. She used to get multiple strong seizure attacks very often for more than 20 times in a day.

BABY AMRUTHA started Urine Therapy in January 2009 and she gradually started improving day by day in her mental and physical health. Her spinal cord which was bending completely towards the side has improved and the curve has become smaller. She was taking "KAPRA" tablets 2000 mg for seizure her problem earlier which has been gradually reduced to 1000 mg per day. Her multiple Seizures attacks have come under control and she is getting only one or two attacks of seizures in a day.

Her eyes have become normal she can move her eye balls and turn her eyes. Her squint eyes have been rectified and her eye balls are clearly visible. She is able to hear and responding to sound and turning her head. She is able to recognize her parents and starts smiling at them.

All her stiff joints of hands and legs have become loose, mobile and active. Her twisted hands and legs have become straight. She is able to hold her head, turn her neck and she is able to hold her parent's fingers.

Muscles have developed in her hands, legs, face and other parts of the body. She has gained strength in hands and legs and her weight has increased. She is able to sit on the chair and stand with light support for some times. She is able to open her mouth move her jaws and able to chew and eat food which she could not do it earlier. She has become intelligent and indicates her parents by making sound or crying loudly whenever she needs something or wants to pass urine. She makes sounds with her mouth and tries to speak.

Doctors were unable to of revive her to the normal condition and could not control her multiple seizures attacks with the medical aids.
BABY AMRUTHA has revived and recovered from her vegetative state and she is living with a remarkable improvement in her Mental and Physical health. Now her parents can see active life in a child.



MODERATE MENTAL RETARDATION with Cerebral PALSY: - Master JAGAN (M) 10 year boy was admitted in NIMHANS Hospital in the year 2005 was diagnosed for Moderate Mental Retardation with Cerebral Palsy by birth. He was unable to sit, stand, walk, could not move his hands, legs and all his joints had become very stiff. He was not able to speak, and could not hold his neck or turn his head. He was unable to turn his eye balls and could not recognize anybody.



Master JAGAN started Urine Therapy in September 2008 and in a period of 45 days there was a remarkable improvement in his health. 
He started speaking few words for the first time after a period of 10 years after his birth.
All his stiff joints of hands and legs became loose, mobile and active. 
He was able to hold his neck, responding to sound and could turn his head.  He was able to turn his eye balls and able to recognize his parents.
He was able to hold glass in his hand and drink water by himself.

He continued the treatment for four months. Now he has become very active, very intelligent and he is able to speak properly. He takes the remote control and watches T.V. by himself and leads a happy life.

Urine Therapy can control and cure all ailments subject to from very birth. It can Improve Memory, Intelligence and Develop Brain Function. It can regain speaking Ability and Loss of Hearing Problem.



SRI ANSHULATH (M) 13 year boy was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, White Matter, Extensive LEUKO-Dystrophy, Alexander Disease and Generalized Bilateral Central Seizures. He had developed a progressive sideward bending of spine and found it difficult to sit, stand, walk and could not move his hands, legs and all his joints had become very stiff. He was not able to speak, and could not hold his neck or turn his head. He was unable to turn his eye balls and could not recognize anybody. His Head was heavy and larger in size compared to his face. Both his hands and legs were twisted.

His Parents had taken him to NIMHANS and other various Hospitals for consultation. Doctors at NIMAHNS gave them their opinion that his condition will deteriorate day by day and they cannot prescribe any medicine.
SRI ANSHULATH started Urine Therapy in January 2009 and he started improving day by day in the gradual manner.

His Head which looked very heavy and large in size has become light and reduced in size to some extent and his physical features are looking better. He can turn his eye balls, responding to the sound and turning his head. Muscles have developed in his face, hands, legs and other portion of the body. All Joints of his hands and legs have become loose and mobile. His twisted hands and legs have improved, become straight to some extent. He is able to keep his hands and legs straight for sometimes.

The above improvements were observed during the period of 4 month. The parents could not continue the treatment due to some unforeseen reasons


SRI KRISHNA MURTHY (M) age 39 was diagnosed with a case of "ALS" Acute Lumbar SPONDYLOSIS, Disc-OSTEOPHYTIC Complexes from C4-5 to C6-7 and "Diffuse Disc Dehydration." He was also a Diabetic patient. In July 2008 he first realized numbness and weakness in his right hand fingers which became weak and inactive. There after his health started deteriorating day by day. Slowly his other parts of the body got effected i.e. right hand, right leg, left hands, and left leg became weak and immoveable. All his joints and muscles had become weak, stiff and in-active. He had pain in the stomach, hands, legs, back and other portions of his body. He had swelling in his both hands and legs and his hairs were falling daily. During the period of 2 years the disease had caused his multiple organ failure. It had also impaired his speaking ability and he was unable to speak properly. He had become totally dependent as he was unable to stand, walk by himself and was unable to hold or lift his hands and legs. Doctors at NIMHANS and other various hospitals advised him that there was no remedy to control or cure the disease and they were unable to stop the deterioration. He was unable to get any relief and his health which was becoming aggravated day by day.



Sri KRISHNA MURTHY STARTED Urine Therapy in July 2010. He stopped all his medicine. In the short period of 12 days the deterioration of his health stopped completely and he achieved remarkable improvement. He does not have swelling in his hands and legs and hairs have stopped falling. He has been relieved from pain in the stomach, back, legs and other portion of his body. His joints and muscles have become loose, active and mobile. He was able to lift his both hands & touch his face which was inactive earlier. He was able to sit and walk with the light support of 2 persons. His speaking power has also improved and he was able to speak much better than earlier.

In the period of 3 months Sri Krishna Murthy health has gradually improved day by day. He was able to sit straight properly in a comfortable manner. Before the treatment his shoulders were bending towards front. He regained his energy and stamina in his body and was feeling much better. Earlier he used to feel vibration in his body which has totally stopped. His joints have become more loose and mobile. He could lift his hands easily. He was able to walk by himself individually with the support of walking stick. His speaking power had improved and could speak in a better manner.

DIABETES: - He was also a Diabetic patient from last 8 years. He was taking 2 tablets daily and had un-controlled blood sugar i.e. above 200mg/dl.

After starting Urine Therapy the fasting sugar level was being observed from day to day. Whenever the fasting blood sugar was observed as 80 mg/dl and below then ½ tablets was reduced. In the similar manner the tablets were gradually reduced to Nil. In the period of 2 months it was observed that the fasting sugar level was normal without taking any tablets. After 2 months he was not taking any tablet and his blood sugar was in normal range. His Damaged Pancreas has revived and Diabetes from 8 years has been cured. For unforeseen reasons he stopped his treatment after 3 months and went to his native place.


Dr. JAYASHREE (F) age 47 years was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure. She was undergoing Dialysis treatment for 3 times in a week from last 4 years. She had completed her 458 rounds of Dialysis. After Dialysis she used to feel weak and tired.

DR. JAYSHREE started Urine Therapy in September 2010. Initially she was able to pass only 30 ml of Urine in full day which gradually increased and during the period of 30 days she was able to pass 120 ml of Urine which she used to drink it. As the out put of Urine was very less she was massaging her body with cow's Urine. After 30 days her damaged kidney's has started reviving and working and she was going for Dialysis 2 times in a Week instead of 3 times. She was not feel weakness or tiredness in her body after dialysis treatment. She gained stamina and she was feeling energetic, healthier than earlier. She stopped the treatment and as she went out of station to attend spiritual meeting after 2 months.

DIABETES: - She was also a Diabetic patient from last 20 years. She was taking 54 units of injection daily (32 units in morning and 22 in night) within a period of 30 days the injection has reduced and she is taking only 30 units in the morning and her blood sugar were within normal range.


SMT NALINAKSHI (F) AGE 36 years and SRI RAMESH (M) 38 years were married in the year 2004. SMT Nalinakshi has not been able to conceive and could not become pregnant during six years.

Husband and wife both had consulted Gynecologists and visited Doctors at GUNASHEELA IVF CENTRE and consulted various Infertility specialists. They underwent the Medical test, scanning, x-ray and completed all the necessary procedure. It was diagnosed with "Primary Infertility".

Sri Ramesh diagnosed report of "SEMEN ANALYSIS" indicated that he was afflicted with disorder of low sperms counts and low sperm motility.

Smt. Nalinakshi diagnosed for afflicted with Thyroids problem. She was also suffering from menstruation problem of premenstrual syndrome "P M S". She used to get irregular periods within 20 to 22 days. During the time of her periods she used to have excessive bleeding, stomach pain and discomfort ability. She had consulted for her "P M S" problem with number of Gynecologists but none of the Doctor's could advise her any remedy for her problem.

SMT Nalinakshi underwent IUI "Intra Uterine Insemination". It is the procedure wherein male partner's Sperms are concentrated and injected directly into the female reproductive tract of Uterus for the purpose of enhancing the chance for successful pregnancy.

She underwent IUI procedure for three times at 1) ARUNODAYA CLINIC
All the 3 times results were negative, and she was not able to conceive.

Finally Doctors advised her to undergo IVF "In Vitro Fertilization". It is the procedure wherein female partner's eggs are removed from her ovaries and are fertilizes with male's sperms outside the woman's body in the laboratory. The fertilized eggs "embryos" are transferred to woman's Uterus for pregnancy to proceed.

The procedure of "IVF" was conducted at Dr. RAMESH HOSPITAL in June 2010. She underwent the procedure of "IVF" with hopes to fulfill her ambition to bear a baby but she was disappointed as the results came out as negative and she was not able to conceive. They had to spend rupees 2 lakh to undergo the treatment. They had tried almost everything to fulfill their dream but nothing worked and they were extremely stressed and dejected.

On my advice SMT Nalinakshi and SRI Ramesh started Urine Therapy in December 2010. Both of them busy were with their daily routine and were going to their office during the day time. They started doing partial treatment of Urine Therapy after coming back from their office during night time and in the morning before going to office.

Premenstrual Syndrome: - She was relieved from her PMS problem "Premenstrual syndrome" in the period of 2 months. Her irregular cycle of her periods became normal and she was getting her monthly period in regular time i.e. on 28th days in a normal manner without and discomfort ability.

On 19th March 2011 after completing 3 months of partial treatment they underwent medical check up once again and their diagnosed report indicated remarkable improvement.

LOW SPERM COUNTS & LOW MOTILITY: - The results of Sri Ramesh "SEMEN ANALYSIS" showed as "Normal". His low sperm counts and low motility counts had increased and have become active.

THYROIDS: - The investigation reports of Smt. Nalinakshi "Thyroids" showed the Normal range of Free T3, T4 and TSH. The reports of Hemoglobin, HbA1c and all her other test showed as normal range.
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