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Juices and Light Balanced Diet is "Healthy Diet." It is the Natural source of essential minerals, Proteins, rich Vitamins and important Antioxidants compounds.

Method of Treatment

Mode and the Method of Treatment for Chronic Patients:

The proper method of “Urine Therapy” is:-
a) Drinking Urine.
b) Massaging the whole body with the Urine.
c) Keeping Urine wet pack on the affected portion of the body.
d) Drinking water, juices and maintaining a balanced light diet.

It is very important and necessary to maintain balance and light Diet along with Drinking Urine, Massaging the body with Urine and keeping Urine Wet Pack for the patients suffering from Chronic Disease to achieve the maximum Benefits.

People should develop positive attitude and should have total faith in Natural Remedy which can save their life and relieve them from all kinds of pain and sufferings. In this treatment a person will realize the Benefits according to the individual’s faith, interest, efforts, Diet and the Method of treatment. People who are adopting this treatment willingly and in cheerful manner will find the gradual improvement in their health day by day in a short period of 10 days.

The color and the taste of the Urine depends upon the persons what they eat and drink. If a person who keeps on drinking more water and juices every one hour will pass more Urine, his internal body will become clean and his Urine color will become white (color less like water.) In the similar manner if a person who eats balanced light diet and does not consume oil, salt, spice and chilies in his diet then his Urine will not contain any smell.

The persons who want to adopt Urine Therapy but hesitate or cannot make up their mind to drink Urine then initially they can start the treatment by massaging their body with urine initially. They will realize benefits by messaging and thereafter they can make up their mind and start drinking.

If a person who drinks water, juices and consume only balanced light diet will pass white color Urine which will not contain any smell. White color can be consumed without any hesitation as it tastes like pure water which contains valuable proteins and vitamins to maintain healthy life.

A person can also achieve gradual improvement by Only Drinking Urine or by Only Massaging the body with Urine or keeping Urine Wet Pack.

By Only DRINKING Urine a person’s internal Body gets clean, rejuvenated and he will fell energy flow in his body. It will revive and rebuild the resistance power of his vital organs like Brain, Heart, Lungs, Pancreas and Liver etc. which gets damaged due to some disease.

Drinking Urine is the best tonic, whoever takes the trouble of experimenting and drinks Urine first time will be convinced and satisfied. The persons who drinks about one LITRE of Urine (white or light yellow color) daily during any time of the day and massage their body once a day will find a great relief from pain, sufferings and can gradually control and cure their disease. They can avoid taking number of tablets and keep them healthy.

By Only MASSAGING with Urine persons can cure all kinds of Skin diseases. The Skin becomes clean and all the un-natural black marks and the white patches will disappear. It will provide the permanent natural glow to the skin which cannot be achieved by visiting any “SPA or Beauty par-lour,” By massaging and applying Urine on body most complex diseases of skin are totally cured and the skin becomes clear and soft. For the tremors and numbness of the body parts and paralysis massaging with Urine is very effective and the stiff joints become loose, flexible and mobile.

By only keeping Urine wet pack person can be relieved from many problems. It can cure gangrene, long standing ulcer and wounds which does not heal with medicine. It can stop the falling of hair and the hairs will become strong and start growing longer. Some of the persons who have become Bald will be surprised to find the hairs re-growing on their Bald head.

Urine is also effective in dental and other oral troubles. For ordinary pain in the teeth one should keep some urine in the mouth and rinse it for few minutes which should be repeated for six times in the morning and evening.

Blood is developed and generated in our body by Nature. Transplantation of blood from one person to another person is performed in many severe cases of disease to save lives of millions of persons.

Urine is the "Devine Nectar" and since Urine comes from the blood, it would qualify anyone who drank each others Urine provided if it is followed by the proper diet. Urine of a healthy person can be drunk or messaged by any other person who have difficulty or unable to collect his own Urine. A Person can drink Urine of any other healthy person as there is no other remedy equaling to this on earth. It contains healing power which is amazing and a person gets enlighten spiritually which has to be experienced personally.

Mother can collect her white color Urine (color less like water) and give it to her child for drinking immediately after she passes from her body provided she drinks more water and eat only light and balanced diet. This method can be adopted and Urine can be given to the children who are affected with disease by birth like Cerebral Palsy and mental disorder etc.

Some women who have the burning ambition to bear babies are unable to conceive children due to infertility for some unforeseen reasons or due to insufficient active sperms of husband. To full fill the ambition to have their own children a husband and wife both of them has to drink each others fresh Urine. Both of them should take the same balanced and light diet along with juices and follow the proper method of Urine Therapy. Urine of both the persons will have the same basic taste if they consume the same diet.

Wife has to drink husband's Urine and message her body with husband's Urine and husband has to drink wife's Urine and message his body with wife's Urine. They should also wash their sexual organs with each other's Urine. This would transfer hormones from partner's body and strengthen sperms and make it possible for conception to take place. Apart from increasing higher sperms counts it increases the sexual stimulating capacity and sexual pleasure. While doing this treatment they should continue intercourse and keep on trying until one of these sperms succeeded. A husband's Urine drunk by wife in labour helps the birth and she can also drink her own Urine during the pregnancy.

Some women suffer from abdominal pain, white discharge, excessive bleeding and irregular menstruation problem i.e. premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). They get the periods in advance before monthly cycle of 28 days and they suffer from various problems. Some of them undergo hysterectomy (removal of the uterus). Urine Therapy stimulates the body's natural healing processes to rebalance their hormones and regularize their monthly cycles.

Person who has Diabetes should observe their sugar level regularly and whenever their Fasting sugar level falls to 80 mg/dl or below that, they should decrease their tablets. If they are taking 2 tablets they should reduce it by ½ tablets every time (i.e. by 25%) Similarly if they are taking injection they should reduce by 25% every time. They can control and cure their Blood Sugar in the above simple method and maintain their regular activities. Persons will realize and observe that their blood sugar level improving day by day and they can gradually reduce their tablets or injection after observing their test reports. The damaged Pancreas will revive and start functioning.

Chronic Kidney Failure patients who are on Dialysis treatment for 3 times in a week and who are advised to under go kidney transplantation will also realize benefits in a short period of 1 or 2 month by adopting Urine Therapy. Persons can start Urine Therapy and at the same time they can go for Dialysis every in the usual manner i.e.3 times in a week. They should check Creatinine before going for Dialysis and when ever Creatinine results indicate 2.00 mg/dl or below, then they should go for Dialysis 2 times a week. Similarly they can reduce it to once a week and later on stop going for Dialysis. The damaged Kidney will revive and start functioning gradually in the normal manner and persons can be relived from their major problems. They will not be required to go for Dialysis or Kidney transplantation.

The Persons who are on Dialysis or who are having high potassium in the Blood should cut the vegetables and soak it in water for 4 to 6 hours to remove the excess potassium from vegetables and than use it which will control the potassium level in the blood. After drinking Urine if the persons who are not able to collect the sufficient Urine for massaging and keeping urine wet pack, then they can take some other persons urine who are taking light diet and juices and use it. They can also collect Cow's Urine and use it for external massaging. Persons who are unable to pass sufficient Urine or who are having swelling on the parts of the body can take LASIX tablet initially for a short period.

Persons who have Arthritis having difficulty in walking and climbing stair case with knee problem should apply Urine on the knee and rub it lightly till it becomes dry. They should apply Urine again in the similar manner and dry it for 3 times. They can also keep Urine Wet Pack on the knee which is more effective. This should be repeated for 3 to 4 times in a day. In a short period of 10 to 15 days they will be relieved from severe pain, stiff joints will become loose, mobile and they will be able to walk and climb the stair case.

Walking, Exercise, Yoga and Physiotherapy along with this treatment will boost the immunity system and increase the Resistance Power of a person affected with Chronic Disease to recover and heal quicker.

Method of Drinking, Massaging and keeping Wet Pack

Put three NEEM leaves in a glass of water at night and drink it in the morning.
Pray God to heal you and keep you healthy.
Drink 1.5 LITRES of water in morning.
Every one hour drink Urine or water.
Drink Urine 2.5 LITRES (and above) from morning to evening
Put fresh urine drops in Eye, Ear and Nose 3 times a day.

Drink white color Urine (colorless like water) or very light yellow color Urine and collect the remaining Urine in the bottle and keep it for massaging the body and for applying Urine wet pack.

Massage body (from head to toe) with Urine in the following manner:-
Apply Urine on the whole body and keep on rubbing lightly till it is dry.
Apply Urine again, keep on rubbing and dry in the same manner 3 times.
The proper massage to dry it for 3 times will take about one hour.
Massage whole body in the above manner 2 to 4 times a day.

After massage:
Keep Urine wet pack on stomach and on the other effected portion of the body for 2 hours, two times in a day. Keep Urine wet pack again at night and remove it in the morning.

For Urine wet pack: -
Take a cotton cloth and soak it in Urine. Wrap Urine wet cloth and roll it around 3 times on stomach and the other affected portion. Wrap plastic paper on top of the "Urine wet cloth" to cover it, Wrap again another cotton cloth on the top of the plastic paper. After removing Urine wet pack, take bath with warm water when required.

Mix 2 table spoon of Honey, 1 table spoon of lime juice, I table spoon of Ginger juice, ½ table spoon of Turmeric juice in warm water and drink the juice daily in the morning. (Soak Ginger and turmeric pieces in water for 24 hours cut it, grind it and make juice). Persons suffering from Gall stones, stomach Cancer / Ulcer or bile duct obstructions should not take this juice. This can be repeated in evening and night in case of Cough, Cold and Fever.

Drink any of the following Juices every 2 hours i.e. 6 glasses of juices in a day
Carrot , Apple , MOSAMBI (Sweet lime)
Tomato , Lime Juice , Butter Milk
Pomegranate , Coconut Water , Soya Milk
Wheat Grass , Barley Water , Skimmed Cow's Milk / Goat's Milk

Balanced and Light Diet to be followed as mentioned below:-
Breakfast: - White Oats porridge with 6 pcs Walnut and 10 pcs Almonds.
Mid morning: - Papaya, small plantain.
Lunch: -Brown broken (MUTTA) Rice with Curds or with boiled vegetables
Evening: - Brown Bread, Salad or apple.
Dinner: - Sprouted and boiled Green gram (MOONG) or green gram soup And Boiled vegetables or Salad
Can include: - JAGGERY, Honey, Dates, Ginger, Garlic and Lime.
Boiled vegetables: -Carrot, Cabbage, Beans and baby corn
Salad: -Tomato, Cucumber and grated Carrot
Fruits:- Apple, small plantain. Papaya, Sapota (Chikoos), Strawberries.
Do not use: - Soap, Oil, Coconut, Refined Sugar, Salt, and Chilies.

People can start the treatment by drinking Urine, massaging the whole body with Urine and keeping Urine wet pack on stomach and on the effected parts of the body. Drink Urine, water and juices every one hour and along with that they can take light balanced diet. This can be continued for a longer time to achieve benefits to control and cure the disease as this is the safest method. This method of treatment can also be adopted by young children's who are effected by cerebral palsy or with any other disease by birth.

After 3 month can include the following diet:-

Chapatti (ROTI): -Cholesterol Management ATTA mixed with plain ATTA. Green gram Dose or Idly (Sprouted green gram has to be grinded to paste) Cow's Pure Ghee in small quantity (Maximum one table spoon per day) Cholesterol Free Butter in small quantity (maximum 10 grams per day) Vegetables: - Spinach, Fenugreek, Bottle Gourd, Ridge Gourd (TURAI), Cabbage, Cauliflower, TOOR dhal, Green gram, Black gram, and Onion. Rock Salt, Black pepper and JEERA can be taken in small quantity.

The persons who are adopting Urine Therapy in the above method should not take and Vitamin, Antibiotic, strong tablets and injections. However they can take light tablets for Diabetes, B.P. Heart and other problems if they feel it is necessary and cannot be avoided. These tablets also should be gradually reduced as and when they find progress in their health.

The persons who are suffering from Cancer should drink Carrot, coconut water, Tomato, Pomegranate and Wheat Grass Juice daily. To make Wheat Grass juice take 40 gms of wheat grass cut into ½" pcs, put it in a mixer grind it and drink it.
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