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Dear Jagdish Bhurani Ji,
Many thanks for your mail received on 4th June. I practiced urine therapy by swirling urine in my mouth, by drinking urine and also massaging on body. Miraculous changes have happened. My left cheek was sinking in due to fat and collagen loss (due to mouth cancer). This cheek has already become 50% normal. I mean sinking of cheek is much less now. Also inside of mouth feels much better now. The only thing I did not do was keeping wet urine packs on cheeks and stomach and I did not do urine fasting. But now I will do all of this also. I have now gained confidence as I can see signs of cure. I am only 18 and I thought my life was over because mouth cancer is mostly fatal. Even if one survives after surgery, one has to live with deep scars on face for life. I will not be going for any surgery, chemo or radiation now. I really don't know how to thank you for saving my life and saving me from face disfigurement by surgery. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the great job you are doing for the humanity.
Shivani Sharma
June 27, 2014

Dear respected Sir,
I am sorry because in my previous mails I have been addressing you as Jagdish Bhurani Ji. Sir I have been totally cured of mouth / Cheek cancer in less than 2 months. My cheek has returned to normal and now at the age of 18 I have the whole world ahead of me to enjoy. I was to die as per doctors but sir you have proved them wrong. Sir I am based in Mauritius and just graduated out of school. I am coming to Delhi to take up graduation course in JNU. Sir I will meet you in Bangalore. May be I should call you Dadaji because age wise I am just like your granddaughter.
Shivani Sharma
Jul 26, 2014

Hello Dadaji,
Many thanks for your mail. I will certainly come to meet you when I enroll in Delhi University for my degree. I will spread awareness of Urine Therapy in my country. Also I will spread awareness about harmful effects of Gutka chewing. My doctors were amazed about my recovery. When they asked me, I told them the truth about urine therapy. One of them was so impressed that he will start this therapy on his patients. I gave him full information about your web site.

My doctors had given up hope of my survival. My parents also started asking me about any unfulfilled wishes. They told me to do everything I liked and enjoy my remaining time on earth. They were planning to take me on world tour because I am so fond of travelling but I was so out of energy and due to suffering I could not have enjoyed travelling.
Thank you so much.
Yours loving Grand Daughter
Shivani Sharma
Aug 14, 2014


Dear Sir,
I have read extensively a book on urine therapy, in Hindi by the name Swamutra chikitsha.
I had developed a nodule in my larynx, and as a result severe hoarseness of voice.
I started taking this Amrita and got 100% cured within 2 months. I am applying on my head and have noticed that my hairs are coming back. Recently a carpenter known to me had developed stone in his kidney and ureter, and after taking this Amrita, within 25 days one of his stone has disappeared, did not appear in his X-Ray.
I am advising a lot of my known people to start this Amrita. I am a great follower of GOD.
Pulkeshin Priyadarshi
Jan 20, 2014


I am regularly taking morning's first urine and this gives me a lot of energy and spirit.
I request all patients to take their urine because this is directly connected with our soul.
I will also like to share with readers that urine has restricted my cancer disease to spread because in-spite of remarkable delay in diagnosis, my disease still was on the first stage.
Rakesh Mehta
Feb 04, 2014


1. Things have been improving at a pretty fast pace. My WBC dropped from 265,000 to 219,000 one month later and then three weeks after that it dropped to 151,000. I plan on getting another blood test on Tuesday and I expect it to be down even further. I am beyond grateful for this, I feel like I am recovering for the first time since this whole ordeal started.
Jason Clark
Nov 03, 2012

2. Thank you very much. I fully intend on coming off the medication completely eventually. From all the information I've seen it seems that urine therapy is a panacea.
Jason Clark
FC Richmond,
KY, United States
Jan 14, 2014


Thank you so much Jagdish.
I have not taken ART's for the past 4 months and I feel okay and good. With prayers also God has intervened in my situation.
God is great for he has given you wisdom to this therapy you should also thank God for his creation wisdom and knowledge he has put in you. I also wish to spread the therapy word to those I love and know I love you Mr. Bhurani. May God richly bless you.
I will also teach and tell others here in Africa to go on your website so that they read other testimonies
Zimbabwe, Africa
May 20, 2013

Hello, Jagdish
I am a female 36 diagnose with HIV CD4 count 150 already start with Urine Therapy.
I am not sure when but in 2010 while being pregnant with my son and did all the necessary test and the HIV one was positive. I have never taken ART I made a conscious choice to meditate call upon GOD for an answer intuitively I came across Urine Therapy
I will be taking a new CD4 count soon. Thanks for caring
Nov 13, 2013

Hello my deepest gratitude for doing what you do and for being there for me I got another test done at the clinic and it came out HIV negative. I just need to do another one at a lab to see my cd4 count thanks you again for being part of this hard journey with me
South Africa
August 7, 2014

Hi! am good and healthy, because I was HIV+ and I was to die but since I begun urine am very OK and good my health is getting well and am very happy.
I introduced my children’s too and they are very strong and healthy.
I can’t say anything but to recommend that urine has done me good and I have hope in life Thanks
Feb 03, 2014

Dear Sir,
I am using urine therapy since last year; I made a lot of development in my health.
I am HIV positive, my energy becomes vibrant.
I also cured asthma through urine. Usually I use my morning urine three days per week.
Best Regards
Jan 13, 2014

Just want to thank you for sharing the very valuable information in saving life...
Kind regards,
Chen Wei-Li
Taipei, Taiwan
Nov 27, 2013


Dear Sir,
My seizure intensity has reduced substantially. Also mental peace has increased substantially. Earlier I could not meditate easily. Now I can meditate regularly. Main change I am expecting still is about the frequency of attacks. It has come down marginally only.
Also my confidence level about facing life has increased in a good amount.
Harsha Vardhana R
Nov 03, 2012


Very glad to say I have much more improvement after started Urine Therapy in last week of September, 2012 than Homeo medicine which I have been using for the last 25 years and Ayurvedic Medicine using for the last 6 - 7 months.
Now I have stopped both Homeo and Ayurvedic Medicine.
Best Regards,
N. Surendran,
Ludhiana, Punjab
Nov 03, 2012


Now a day I am totally cured from my pain. I am following your suggestion, drinking, gargling & putting wet pack regularly. Thank for your cooperation.
Rohit V.Raval
Surat, Gujrat
November 5, 2012


Namaskar Sir,
Gurupurnima ki hardhik shubhkamnayen!
Thank you very much for guiding me with the urine therapy procedure. I owe you many many thanks. I am feeling much better. I have lost about 8 kg of weight in about 4 weeks. I am feeling more energetic.

I on my own have already started propagating urine therapy to the people I know who will respect this great knowledge. Thank you once again for the support.
Rajeshwari J V
Jul 03, 2012


Sir, I am truly impressed by this Auto Urine Therapy. I am using this since 4 days after reading so many articles on internet and books. I find quick results in terms of improvement in Immune system, healing in Fatigue, Stomach problem, Acne remover. It’s boon for someone who have tried everything in life for health but not gain anything. I suggested my all friends to adopt this unique therapy as early as possible for curing diseases. I have also gone through your website to find knowledge. Your step towards this therapy is simply outstanding, and congratulations on the eve of launching of your new book. Keep it up sir...
Jagdish Akbari
Surat, India
Sept 18, 2012


Nitin met with a major accident on 26th September 2011. He got severe Ligaments injuries on Head, neck, shoulder, spinal cord and knees. He was suffering from severe pain throughout the body due to the Ligaments injuries from 13 month in spite of taking medical treatment from number of Doctors. He was unable to sit, stand or walk properly and could not his normal activities.
After going through the website he contacted me personally for details. He started Urine Therapy from October 2012. In a period of 4 months (From Oct 2012 to Jan 2013) he has recovered from his sufferings in a gradual manner. His severe pain in the Head, neck, shoulder, spinal cord, knees has reduced by 90%. He is able to do his normal activities.
The above details has been conveyed by him on telephone on 02-01-2013
Confirmed By E-mail:-

Respected Sir,
I, Nitin , hereby acknowledged that the Shivambu Therapy prescribed by my beloved Mr. Jagdishji is working wonders in my accidental ligaments injuries in Shoulders, Knees and Spine (including Neck Pain). I am in continuation of his prescribed therapy from four months and I am feeling great relief. As per my improvement, I can assure myself that the problems persisting in present will be cured very soon. I am very grateful that Lord Shiva has bestowed this knowledge upon him. I may wish that his knowledge of this therapy prevails throughout the disabling diseases. Thanks to all for your wishes to live healthy and natural life.
Thanks and regards,
Nitin ,
Jan 10, 2013


I have received your mail and try to follow the procedure. There is another thing to be mentioned that my husband is in west Bengal transport corporation and there is so many workers who practicing urine therapy (Appling outer portion of injured organ when they injured at the time of working).
According to them after applying on injured portion bleeding and pain should be relieve faster than conventional medicine. So after watching this and heard from me, he is applying urine in his nail which became black and full of pain and after applying just 10 days he is free from pain only black mark exists. And when he go to his village at midnapore district, west Bengal, he told the poor people regarding therapeutic usefulness of urine at the time of snake bite as the medical help from his village is 2 hrs by bus and which is available only 4times a day.
Thank you.
Archana Bhattacharyya
Nov 19, 2012


Respected Sir, Sh. Jagdish R. Bhurani
I am 32 year old male from Jammu, and I am very excited to inform you that urine therapy really works; I was suffering from throat disease from last 3 years. I consulted doctor and consumed concerned medicine, but I didn’t get fruitful result.
On 20-02-2013 I started A.U.T and within week I got the result. It is really very great natural remedy.
Suresh Kumar
Feb 28, 2013


Respected Sir,
I am very much thankful to you for putting a very useful & success story on net.
I am a state govt. officer in Gujarat govt. (Mob. 09909979577).
I have applied Urine Therapy since last 2 months & have got my fat and diabetes reduced. I am feeling very much better than earlier, that I have no words to narrate my joy. The day without drinking urine, feel that something is missing. I use to consume urine three times a day, early morning, two hours after meal & at evening at 6.00 pm, quantity is 200 gm per time.
Upon my request, my nephew's wife Jigna, 35, weight 87 kg has also started this therapy and she is also feeling very good and she also has lost some weight within a span of only 15 days.
She has got instant relied from permanent headache.
Her daughter Srushti had also KHIL on face, has also relief.
She used to rub urine on her face. She did this for 7 days and feels better.
My brother Krishnavadan age 69 retired govt. officer, had a problem in knee also started urine therapy and feel relief within a month only.
I wish u a long and happy & healthy life.
Chaitanya Parikh
Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Jan. 16, 2013


Respected Sir,
On 23rd May 2010 , I was on duty , was coming back on Tata Loader in tunnel in kullu (H.P) , a heavy boulder of about 70 - 80 kg got strucked on my spine at D12, after then I lost both sensory and motor function in both legs and half side of my right side stomach muscles(abbs) and also urine and stool control and sensation , then I got operated in Chandigarh on 24th May 2010 ,now m walking with walker, and I have to wear splints in left foot and right side foot and knee , now my right side is very weak , don’t .have control on my knee buckling and my urine and stool sensation is fair but control is bad. Still I have numbness in right side and in left foot, back side of thigh and hip.
Sir I came to know about you on 10th Jan. and I have started Urine therapy on 12th Feb, today is my 4th day, till now what I have feel giving below
@ got current type feeling in my right thigh and hip
@ little bit of my right knee contraction feeling and strength has been improved
@ left side leg lifting has been improved but little bit
Sir I am taking 3 liters urine from today and I am sure that with the grace of GOD and your blessings I will walk again. Thanks Sir
Manpreet Singh
Chandigarh, Punjab
Feb 27, 2013


Respected Bhurani Ji,
I have used urine therapy as per yours suggestion and found it amazing. White patches on my body have stopped and I am feeling unexpected happiness.
My blood pressure has become normal and I am feeling much energy in my body.
It has changed my life. I have adopted this urine therapy for rest of my life and have decided to promulgate this therapy. Some of my friends have also benefitted from this therapy.
Thanking you for promoting this therapy for the peoples living with mental agony due to their ailments.
Rajesh Tripathi
Junagadh, Gujrat
Jul 19, 2013


I was suffering for sinusitis since the very birth I guess since I was 2 or 3 yr old but not more than that precisely one year back when I was 24 yrs old I just started drinking my own holy water i.e. urine and it cured me completely in six months......
Recently due to in hygienic food I got infected and suffered from severe loose motion at a frequency of one hr...Just by drinking and applying urine on my stomach I cured myself in 24 hrs and in 48 hrs I was back on track....
Utkarsh Deep
Jan 13, 2014


Hi Jagdish,
My brother has started UT for last 30 days and he has reduced 8 kg weight also got almost 95% rid of the sinus problems which he was suffering constantly from child hood. He intake every day 1 glass in the morning and cleans his nasal with fresh urine.
Sha Navaz
May 25, 2013


Hi Mr. Bhurani,
The urine therapy has cured my daughter’s eczema about 80% in 6 weeks. I am so grateful for your site. Thank you.
Neha Johal
Jan 21, 2014


Dear Mr, J. Bhurani,,
I do U. T. but not regularly. I would like to follow the diet chart given by you but as I told you I am doing a job. Due to busy schedule & office ambiance, I can't continue this therapy during the day. I do take urine in the morning at 3:00 am.
I tried applying urine in my hair and yes I am glad to inform you that I got rid of hair fall problem & I can now see very slight change in the color as well.
Samdev Vyas
Jan 13, 2014


I have very good experience with urine therapy.
I was in bed for more than two years because of multiple bone fracture and now recovering.
My immunity has increased ever since I have started UT.
Stamina increased and wounds are healing.
It is very good antiseptic and works very good on skin problems.
I don't know whether it is giving strength to my broken bones.
Jan 21, 2014


Hi Jagdish,
My brother has started UT for last 30 days and he has reduced 8 kg weight also got almost 95% rid of the sinus problems which he was suffering constantly from child hood.
He intake every day 1 glass in the morning and cleans his nasal with fresh urine.
Sha Navaz
May 25, 2013


Hi Mr. Bhurani,
The urine therapy has cured my daughter’s eczema about 80% in 6 weeks. I am so grateful for your site.
Thank you
Neha Johal
Jan 21, 2014


Dear Mr, J. Bhurani,
I do U. T. but not regularly. I would like to follow the diet chart given by you but as I told you I am doing a job. Due to busy schedule & office ambiance, I can't continue this therapy during the day. I do take urine in the morning at 3:00 am.
I tried applying urine in my hair and yes I am glad to inform you that I got rid of hair fall problem & I can now see very slight change in the color as well.
Samdev Vyas
Jan 13, 2014


I have very good experience with urine therapy.
I was in bed for more than two years because of multiple bone fracture and now recovering.
My immunity has increased ever since I have started UT.
Stamina increased and wounds are healing.
It is very good antiseptic and works very good on skin problems.
I don't know whether it is giving strength to my broken bones.
Jan 21, 2014


Dear sir,
I could tell you about one 31 yr old pt who had poly Arthritis involving >5 joints at a time.
She had been on Ayurvedic & analgesics with no relief.
She started UT & had pain relief within a few days.
She completed 1 yr treatment with 90% relief.
johny poulose
Jan 20, 2014


My experience of urine therapy about improvement of eye sight particularly reading
2. Anti gastric and removal of Constipations within 4-5doses.
Skin diseases, a wonderful facial for girls pimples, moles, by rubbing face with one's own urine for a weak are successfully experimented results. Anti poison, Dog bite or anti medicine reactions are a few You can safely suggest anti HIV.
You may try out in some patients.
Surendra Jain
Jan 13, 2014


Hello Dr,
How are you? I drink 1glass of urine early in the morning, massage my whole body with urine wait for 20 to 30 minutes and take bath in warm water using Neem leaf powder.
I don’t use soap. I repeat this in the evening.
The results are very good. I have never seen so much improvement in any treatment.
I massage urine with my bare hands and not with cotton.
I find this more comfortable than using cotton.
I feel very fresh and energetic.
GS Raju
Feb 03, 2014

Dear J Bhurani,
I am continuing to us urine therapy. I got a lot of power and energy.
I recommended to my uncle he is a diabetic patient he has told me that the sugar level has been dropped from 230 to 170 after using urine therapy for two weeks.
His health improved a lot and he is a farmer.
Now start to farm previously unable to perform his regular duty.
Mesfin murga
May 21, 2013


Hi Jagdish,
I have been practicing Urine Therapy for 2 years now, starting only as an experiment as I was investigating other alternative health protocols, but soon found that my general health improved as well as my sense of well being, and since that time I have not suffered any illness whatsoever, not even a cold.
I was not suffering from anything chronic, apart from asthma brought on by allergies to cats and dogs but this too has subsided to very a mild (barely noticeable) irritation
As a further experiment I completed a 30 Day Urine Fast to see if one could live on urine alone. I consumed all the urine I produced and washed in it at least once a day, and ate no food or drank no water in that time... what follows is a list of results of the fast:
  • Pain from the site of an Achilles Tendon operation disappeared
  • Nerve damage in my foot, from the same operation, gone
  • My limb flexibility returned (I could get into the full lotus position for the first time since I was 16)
  • My lungs regenerated (I was told 5 years ago that I had the lungs of a 70 year old, now I can run long distances without becoming breathless)
  • Joint pain and crunching sound in my shoulder, gone
  • I lost a lot of weight (I did not weigh myself as it was not part of the experiment but my belt went in 7 notches)
  • The lines and wrinkles on my face smoothed out
  • My hair started to grow back
Dave Murphy
Basildon, UK
Feb 4, 2013


It's that time of year again where everyone wants to sunbathe and get a tan and so do I.
It is said a good scientist experiments on his or herself and I did just that. I have been conducting research in to urine therapy and decided to use my urine on myself with dramatic results.
I had been sunbathing for the past three weeks and I noticed my skin becoming red, itchy, Scabby and a heat rash started to emerge becoming blotchy, sore and filled with puss.
With no time to lose I thought I would use my own urine to test the authenticity and see the results for myself.
I washed my body with my urine using a flannel and to my amazement the itching stopped the rash, sores, puss, everything went back to normal, my skin became cleaner, clearer and smoother than it's ever been.
Our urine contains chemical elements that heals the body it can be used on the skin or swallowed and would help fight skin cancer and all other skin and internal infections and diseases.
Angela Brown- Independent Researcher
BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences
Jul 21, 2013

I have done urine therapy for some time and found that it makes my skin clearer and in general gives me a boost in energy. I have no formal education to inform what health effects are caused by the urine therapy and which effects are just my own self telling me that I must feel better because I am doing urine therapy.
I have considered that some of the positive benefits are due to the placebo effect. I am very interested to hear what scientific findings come out of the studies you are doing.
Thank you,
Hargobind khalsa
Jan 21, 2014

Dear Dr. Jagdish Bhurani
As I promised that I started Urine Therapy on Aug. 29 2013 immediately after I was discharged from the hospital.
The new progress is that my left arm can touch my nose and I can walk ~30 meters slowly without a cane.
My left arm supported with middle joint can up/down for more than 108 times.
My fingers began to move a little bit ---- still weak though. We monitored the blood pressure, and found that drinking self urine a lot does not have any side - effects on blood pressure.
I have confidence, courage and enduring for urine therapy.
I hope that you could continue to give me more detailed advice.
Best Regards
Leon new
California, U.S.A
Sep 02, 2013


HI Mr. Jagdish,
It is an excellent experience. In fact I started this therapy somewhere in 2004 on my own by reading some literature, but in the absence of guidance and more literature, I stopped it. But later on I got some more literature from internet and books (English and Marathi). Again I started the therapy in May 2012 and continuing it. I am 50 and was having high BP on the border (157:85) and was taking Envas 2.5 on daily basis as suggested by doctor.
I was having some swelling on the legs. After starting his therapy the swelling has completely gone, No constipation and frequency on taking Envas 2.5 has come down to once or twice in a week and BP in the range of (134:72). I feel completely fresh throughout the day. Earlier I was getting tired and even after drinking lots of water the tiredness / stress was not going at all.
I am a corporate person having lots of activities to do on day to day basis. I would recommend all to start this therapy to avoid future illness and complications.
God is great that I came to know this in time.
While you do this therapy you have to be completely vegetarian which I find difficult.
I eat fish once in a week and avoid taking Urine for one day after eating fish.
I am replying this immediately for the benefit of all.
Sanjay Kini
Branch Manager (ECGC of India Ltd).
Jan 15, 2014


I've been practicing AUM [Auto-Urine Medicine] for nearly 25 years and have brought about numerous 'miracles', but shall give my brothers and sisters everywhere in the globe fabulous [ ! ] instance to establish its unlimited powers.
On the 5th of May 2005 a Professor-friend of mine with his newly-wedded wife and his parents, confided that he lacked manliness and when I glanced at the young woman's face, tears streamed down from her eyes.
Though I'm a master of a dozen therapies, at once I decided on AUM and asked the couple whether both of them would follow my piece of advice with meticulous care. Pat came the affirmative reply to comply with my directions. Frankly they answered some of my delicate questions and in a trice I could understand their lacunae. Then I prescribed them a set of rigid regimen, to consume a certain quantity of AUM internally and apply it externally as well and gave them an occult 'matter' to beget a son. After carefully calculating the periodicity of her menstrual cycle, I concluded saying that if they followed my specifications, the young woman would conceive in the first of August -- exactly three months hence. Every now and then they sought my help, which was readily forth-coming. To crown all our efforts, on August 7th by 9.00 p.m., they breathlessly informed me of the conformation of her having conceived! I assured that it would a baby-boy. Duly they begot a son and all the members of their families entreated me to give the child a name according to Numerology, which I politely declined!
It certainly is VICTORY to SHIVAMBHU, not a credit to a humble devotee [nay, slave] of LORD SHIVA. Now, he heads the Dept. of English of a leading college in Madurai, the Abode of Goddess Meenakshi and Swamy Chokkanather.
This episode high-lights the meticulous prowess of AUM, As indoctrinated by Lord Shiva to His Divine Consort Uma Devi some 5,000 years ago.
Salutations at the Sacred Feet of the Universal Parents OM SANTI!
Balasubramanian V.K.
Jan. 18, 2014

Thanks for asking yes we have many testimonies on benefits of urine therapy I will try this go round and collect the information again and if possible I would like to send even the photos.
My 62 year old uncle was diagnosed cancer of the stomach with liver metastasis 4th stage.
He was booked for surgery to remove stomach I advised him to drink every drop of urine he produced and he did.
He had surgery on the 4th week and surgeon told him his liver had recovered and he is doing well now on chemo and still continues wt urine.
Another aunty had multiple uterine fibroids booked for surgery to remove uterus told her about UT in December 2012 and was booked for July 2013 when she went for admission the gynecologist cancelled her surgery saying she does not need surgery after examining her n doing a scan on her there is many more let organize them, do more interviews and send.
Also we would like to launch urine therapy here in Botswana so first I would to order hard copy of urine therapy books like
Your Own Perfect Medicine by martha Christy,
The Golden Fountain by coen voe Kroon,
Miracles of urine therapy by Mittal C.Patel,
Water of Life by John Armstrong.
My friends have called from Lobatse coz they were very excited about it.
My other friend Juliet Phiri can’t conceive its 16 years in her marriage.
I advised her to email you and present her case
Stampana Osenotse
Jan 17, 2014

Noted benefits from anecdotal reporting of urine therapy include but are not limited to...
Lessened illness time of colds viral or bacterial
Topically applied pain reliever anti inflammatory
Useful with children 5ml under tongue daily as preventative keeps children
immune system stronger
Eye sight improved dramatically
Anxiousness decreases
Promotes restful sleep
Stools regular soft
Skin texture improved skin younger looking
Increased metabolism increased appetite
Scars fading
Nail fungus show signs of retreat if ingested and topically applied.
Calm mind
Decreased allergy symptoms
Increased energy
Used topically on ingrown pussy nail. Healed
This is a short list but was done while eating all organic gluten free diet. And taking supplements for nutritional support.
Please let me know if you need any other details. I'm a registered nurse and have been documenting symptoms since we started.
A Ross
Jan 22, 2014


Thanks a lot for the website and supporting emails. I have been following those advices and have realized great results.
My experiences as a result of UT for the last week till this weekend are as such;

i) I have been breathing with clarity and without my nostrils been blocked by mucus as used to be since my childhood.
ii) I used to have black lines under my eyes and after UT and frequent massage every day, it is now starting to clear out and it will soon be gone.
iii) I have experienced a lot of bowel movements and also felt that my digestive tracts have been cleaned and rehabilitated since I obtain instant energy out of the food I consume.
iv) I have in general experienced more energy than used to be since I did UT.
v) I am now applying UT on my chest which has had some white spot. My facial skin becomes lighter and brighter, smooth and my hair is also becoming more silky and black.
vi) I have received UT with open arms and love the warm morning drinks as a substitute for warm morning tea or coffee. It is becoming the best DRINK I have ever fallen in love with.
Thank You Very Much for the Discovery and detailed sharing of Information on the Website.
May God Bless you more.
Steven Ponjel
Mar 30, 2014

Utkarsh Deep
Age: 25 yrs

My experience with this wonder water:

I was suffering from sinusitis for more than 20 yrs. People invest their childhood in playing games and enjoying life but I spent my childhood in fighting with sinus, pneumonia, short breathiness.
In fact, increment in illness during every change of season was universal truth. I was being treated by best allopathic, homeopathic and Ayurvedic doctors. But result used to be zero. I had piles also (khoni bawasir). Now with the grace of god, I just started drinking my own urine and being a strict follower of it for two yrs I observed the following:
1. No more sinus and piles.
2. No loss motion and at all. I had faced severe diarrhea with a frequency of loss stool at 1hr regularly for two days but urine cured it.
3. No pain in my body even after doing severe hard work.
4. Increase in strength and work efficiency.
5. Improve in eyesight. (Had week eye sight for more than 15 yrs)
6. Increase in memory power. (Had week memory)
7. Reduced my fat and made the body slim and fit using the urine therapy
Utkarsh Deep
Nov 10, 2014

Resp.Bhurani ji,
Since last two years, urine therapy is going on. Hardly 3 to 4 days in a month, occasionally it does not become possible to drink urine.
I am feeling great freshness for the whole day. I also use to massage (malish) daily with urine. Then I don't use any type of soap. I also use urine for shaving, not using any kind of shaving cream. I mostly remain free from small complaints like pain in stomach, headache, back pain, pain in lower part (mussels) of leg etc.
I should not praise myself, but sometimes people known to me says that I am looking young then actually what it is ( my age is 58 running).
I am also benefitted in controlling diabetes with urine therapy. I want to write/say more, but there is limitation of English language, I will say only that urine is excellent for maintaining total health; it is a great and valuable gift by God, which one should know and implement it in practical way in life.
Wish you all the best, May God give you long life to serve the mankind.
chaitanya parikh
Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
Mob: 087350 18182.
Nov 11, 2014

Mithila Bandara

Dear Jagdish,
Firstly I must appreciate your effort to facilitate people who are suffering with many kind of ailments. If I disclose myself, I was born in 1958. My home town is Kandy. I was /am a sportsman in throwing events such as shot-putt and discus throw. During my schooling [19 seventies] I had sever Hemorrhoid problem. I was treated by various physicians and various medical methods and final result was zero healing. Anyhow I maintained my meal management very seriously to avoid bad situations. Not only that, cholesterol levels raised rapidly [around 250-300] in my forties of age. I did my day today physical exercises, but the weight of the body was increased.
In month of March this year when I engage with fixing canopy for my vehicle Bolero, I got an opportunity to read a book containing Yoga Exercises. Then this valuable content was seen and we discussed thoroughly. The chief mechanic, one helper and I committed to start Urotherapy. But none of us failed to do so. However I thought my problems "Hemorrhoids”,’ high lipids”. Then my mind insisted me to go for U-theropy. I increased drinking urine little by little and finally I used to consume 300 ml before the bed and 300 ml in early morning. I have realized results after 2 weeks time. Improvements are flexibility, healing of Hemorrhoids, weight losing by 5 kgs.
Even for shaving you face, you can use your urine, but I am not advising you to wash your eyes with urine, because I was feeling uncomfortable because I felt smarting sensation. And especially as a mouth washes it seem to be easy and comfort with throat problem such as sore throat, sound variation. Specially I hate using artificial medicine, because they made uncomfortable with various problems such as gastritis, headaches. Hence My personnel idea is to move to natural medical methods and save protect your health, secondly the time and thirdly money.
Mithila Bandara
Nov 11, 2014

Respected Sir,
Congratulations for appearing in an esteemed newspaper like Indian Express. This would definitely be one step in direction of spreading awareness to common masses, and reducing the taboo attached to it. I encourage my parents too, to adopt this way of life. Hopefully, they would too, after seeing improvements in my own health.
Sneha Yadav
Feb 23, 2014

Dear Jbhurani,
Thank you for sharing the greatest information. This is to inform you that Urine Therapy is very powerful and can cure disease very quick. Why I am saying this because two days ago I was suffer from boil in my two armpits and my body was fever for the last two days.
However after drinking and rubbing the affected part of the boil in my two armpits every time I urinate. Now I feel fresher and the boil does not pain anymore and I don’t feel fever after that.
Saozinha Amaral
Mar 20, 2014

Thank you sir sharing the details, I am almost cure from arthritis after practicing urine therapy last one month and also my thyroid also improving. I have not cured from medicine but it’s cured from urine therapy, its miracle and its all credit goes to your suggestions and guidance all times. Thank you very much sir
Thanks & Regards,
Santosh Nawade
Feb 24, 2014

Chaitanya Kanoria

Respected Mr. Bhurani,
I have got many benefits from drinking my own urine, and lightly massaging my body with it. I have been practicing Urine Therapy from March 2013. The benefits received are as follows:
My immunity has increased. I used to get frequent colds whenever there would be weather change or after travelling to a new place. Since I began practicing urine therapy, I have not got colds, cough or fever. I had a running nose only once, which got cured on its own within a day. Cleansing of intestines and excellent bowel movement This cured the chronic problem of gas and acidity.
It helped me in removing excess body weight. The skin of my palms in particular and skin in general became soft, naturally moisturized and shiny. Any dry patches on skin are healed.
Applying it on hair, has made my hair soft and naturally healthy looking, without using soap, shampoo or even oil. It relieves itching due to dandruff and cures it in a few days.
I use urine instead of shaving cream and after shave. It works just as well.
Chaitanya Kanoria (Teacher)
Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.
Mobile: +91-9922479070
Jan 26, 2014

Respected Jagdish Bhuraniji,
I was 108 Kgs in 2010 December. Due to lifestyle changes, and urine therapy, my weight in 2013 December was 88 Kgs.
Plus my immunity has increased massively.
I do not get frequent cold and cough that I used to get before the therapy began.
Thanks and regards,
Chaitanya Kanoria
Nov 13, 2014

Urine Therapy, when I heard this I was irked a bit.
But when I went on to take this Therapy I found a tremendous result.
I was able to lose my weight drastically without any negative impact.
There saw a drastic improvement when I underwent scan for the Egg counts.
This is really a very beneficial therapy, If people start to follow this on a regular basis I think the doctor's requirement would be reduced to a large extent.
Nalina M
Jan. 13, 2014

Respected Sir,
I am happy to inform you that after a one month of adoption and implementation of Urine Therapy, my father got remarkable benefit in the improvement.
Now he does not require a pain killer medicine.
Yesterday he told me that he is feeling well now.
Thanking you
Bharat Patel
May 20, 2013

Dear Sir,
Really amazing thing and that credit goes to you & you only for helping and prompting UT. We need to spread this message across the globe in maximum extent so that everybody knows about UT.
Once again thanks for your efforts of spreading awareness and updating us for this,
Best Regards
Desai, Bhavin,
Surat, Gujarat
Feb 05,2013

Hi, it’s me Kundan Jaiswal from Nepal...I’m very glad to know about you. Though you have lots experience and knowledge of urine therapy
I have used urine up to 1 years and I found lots of benefit in disease like skin, heart, mental, bone problem and many more so..But while using urine there is few rules and regulation that we have to follow..It also keep u young..It become due to anti oxidant that is present in urine..
So dear Bhurani..I hope we will research in urine a lot...
Kundan Jaiswal
Jan 17, 2014

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