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Recent Testimonials
Juices and Light Balanced Diet is "Healthy Diet." It is the Natural source of essential minerals, Proteins, rich Vitamins and important Antioxidants compounds.
Control and cure of cancer

It is estimated over 700,000 (7 lakh) cases of Cancer patients and over 40,000 cases of Cancer in children are being reported in India every year. Unfortunately absolute number of Cancer patients keeps on growing every passing year. It has become one of the leading causes of death. Millions of people are suffering from most threatening disease throughout the World.

Once diagnosed, the patient apart from mental agony of serious health they have to face nightmarish situation as the treatment is complex and costly affair. To start with diagnosing Cancer, necessary investigations and the treatment run into lakhs of rupees. Cancer is a silent disease and many people are not aware of that to protect themselves and it leads to the resulting in deterioration of quality of health and uncertainty for the span of life.

Cancer is conventionally treated with Surgery, Radiation therapy and Chemotherapy. However statistics indicate that these treatments are limited in their effectiveness to treat Cancer and are riddled with side effects. White blood cells and red blood cells are reduced in the body and various complications arise due to the side effects of Chemotherapy.

Urine Therapy is more effective and has greater benefits than Radiation and Chemotherapy. It can destroy the growth of Cancer Cells and prevent them from spreading to the other parts of the body. It can kill poisonous substance in the cancerous cell without producing any side effect. It is also effective natural alternative for blood transfusion.

People who have already undergone Surgery and Chemotherapy can adopt Urine Therapy. However if they want to continue Chemotherapy as advised by the Doctors they can start Urine Therapy after 36 hours. It can decrease the side effects of Chemotherapy and help to build healthier blood cell. It will improve their immune system and increase their resistance power. Doctors should recommend and encourage people suffering from Cancer to adopt "Urine Therapy" which can decrease the side effects of Chemotherapy and also help them to recover fast. It can increase the survival period of the patients and relieve them from all kinds of sufferings.

I have presented detailed case history of the patient suffering from Stomach Cancer and Ovarian Cancer along with their diagnosis reports i.e. C T Scanning, Endoscopy, Biopsy reports and Doctor's opinion to undergo for Surgery and Chemotherapy. They have issued their endorsement that they have been relieved from their pain and sufferings and they are hale and healthy without undergoing Surgery and Chemotherapy.

Case history of cancer patients
How they have survived and living a better life today
Smt. Suresh Rani - Breast, Lungs and Bone Cancer

Smt. Suresh Rani (F) 54 years staying in Delhi was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Carcinoma, Metabolically active, Lymph nodal, Bony, and Left Adrenal involvements with Pleural effusion (Breast, Lungs and Bone Cancer) in July 2012. She underwent necessary Medical investigation & Biopsy Test. PET-CT Report revealed extensive disease and Cancer had spread over to Both Lungs, Right Breast, Bones and other parts of the body. Plenty of fluid was accumulated in her Lungs.

Doctors had advised her family members that they cannot give her Chemotherapy or any other treatment and she was in terminal 4th stage of Cancer. They also advised them that her survival chances were very less.

Earlier in May 2002 she had undergone Surgery to remove lump in the Left Breast. After Biopsy test it was diagnosed as Invasive ductal Carcinoma “Breast Cancer”. After Surgery she had undergone 6 cycles of Chemotherapy and 16 cycles of Radiotherapy. She underwent medical test every year which showed as normal.

In the month of June / July 2012 her health started deteriorating. She was feeling uncomfortable suffering from Breathlessness (difficulty in breathing), swelling in the limbs, vomiting, and severe pain throughout the body. She was not able to eat properly or digest anything. She had become very weak and she was unable to sit, stand and walk properly and she was totally bed ridden.

Rashmi daughter of Suresh Rani had gone through my website on Urine Therapy in internet contacted me on phone and she revealed the case history of her mother. She forwarded the diagnosed report of her mother’s case by mail on 09-09-2012 and discussed with me on the Benefits of Urine Therapy.

On my advice Smt. Suresh Rani started Urine Therapy on 12-09-2012.

Since she was very weak and unstable, initially her daughter Rashmi adopted the method of drinking plenty of water and eating light diet so that she could pass clear and colorless urine. She was collecting her urine and giving it to her mother to drink and she was also messaging her body with her own urine.

Within a period of 3 days she started feeling energetic & stamina in her body.

She was feeling comfortable in breathing properly without any problem. She was able to get up and drink her own urine. Gradually her immunity system was increasing and her health was improving day by day.

She adopted Urine Therapy in a proper method by drinking plenty of water, juices and taking light diet. She was drinking her daughter’s urine along with it she was also drinking her own urine and messaging her body with urine twice a day.

In the period of 2 weeks (14 days) her immunity system improved and she became stable and she regained energy in her body. She was able to eat light diet and digest easily. She was able to stand and walk slowly. She was relieved from swelling and the severe pain in her body. Fluid in the lungs had reduced and she was able to breathe in a normal manner.

I advised her that she can undergo light Chemotherapy with the interval of 7 days gap to achieve better and little faster results. Light Chemotherapy can shrink and kill some of the Cancer cells and it can be helpful and supportive method to Cure Cancer when it is taken along with Urine Therapy.

She consulted Dr. Hari Goyal at Action Cancer Hospital, Delhi who examined Smt. Suresh Rani and was happy to see the physical improvement in her health.

Under the supervision of Dr. Hari Goyal she underwent Palliative Chemotherapy inj. Taxol 130 mg with the interval of 7 days gap from 26th September. While taking Chemotherapy she used to drink her daughter’s urine and after 24 hours of Chemotherapy she used to drink her own urine.

During chemotherapy and after chemotherapy she was not feeling any side effects like weakness, tiredness, numbness and any other complication.

She used to feel that she has visited hospital to take bottle of glucose / blood. After 2 cycles of Chemotherapy Doctor who examined her advised her that she is stable and her Lungs are totally clear and it does not contain any fluid. He also advised her to continue 12 cycles of Chemotherapy.

She was continuing Urine Therapy along with undergoing Chemotherapy with a gap of every 7 days. Day by day she was feeling energetic and stamina in her body and recovering in her health. She has been relieved from all major problems of accumulation of fluid in lungs, breathlessness, difficulty of breathing, restlessness, vomiting, weakness, swelling in the limbs, and severe pain in body. She has good apatite and she is able to eat and digest food properly. She is able to sit, stand and walk, climb the staircase and doing her normal activities in her house.

She underwent 12 cycles of Palliative Chemotherapy inj. Taxol 130 mg. from 25th September and 12th December 2012. She also underwent Scanning of Chest and Lungs on 12th December. After going through the Scanning reports Dr. Hari Goyal advised Smt. Suresh Rani that her Chest and Lungs are totally clear.

He further suggested undergoing for PET-Scanning to view the final results. She consulted Dr Gurpreet Singh, Oncologist of PGIMER Cancer Research Centre at Chandigarh and underwent PET-Scanning on 11-01-2013.

The report of PET-CT revealed that there is No Active Cancer cells in the body and all the Cancer cells are dead. The report indicates she is Normal and she does not have Cancer. Oncologist Dr. Hari Goyal of Action Cancer Hospital, Delhi and Dr Gurpreet Singh of PGIMER, Cancer Research Centre, Chandigarh was very happy and satisfied to see the results of PET-CT that she is Normal.

Most of the Doctors and Oncologist who have seen the PET-CT reports are surprised by the results. They do not believe the Facts that a patient who was diagnosed with Terminal stage of Breast Cancer which had spread over to Bones, Lungs and Lymph nodes can be CURED From CANCER.

Smt. Suresh Rani is Surviving and has overcome terminal stage of Cancer by adopting Urine Therapy with a Positive attitude in a short period of 4 months (from 12th Sept 2012 to 11th Jan 2013). She is continuing Urine Therapy.

She is Hale and Healthy and doing all her normal activities.

Above Facts / details have been confirmed by:
Mrs. Rashmi Mob: 092179 63629
Daughter of Smt. Suresh Rani

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PET-CT Report before Treatment
Discharge Summary after 12 cycles of Chemotherapy
PET-CT Report after Treatment
Vinoda Shetty - Casinoma Stomach

C.E.C.T. Chest, Abdomen & Pelvis
Requires 6 cycles of Chemotherapy and cost Rupees One Lakh Requires Surgery and the cost Rupees two lakhs
Smt.Mamtha - Papillary Adenocarcinoma (Ovarian Cancer) carcinoma (Ovarian Cancer)

Smt. Mamta (F) age 28 years was admitted in the Hospital and she underwent following Surgery: - Staging Laprotomy (Ovarian tumor) Total Hysterectomy (Removal of Uterus) Bilateral Salphingo Opherectomy (Removal of both Ovaries) And Infra Colic Omenectomy & Appendectomy (Removal of Appendix) After investigation and various tests her Diagnosed report came as: - "Papillary Adenocarcinoma" Ovarian Cancer in Nov 2009. She was further advised by Doctors to undergo for 6 cycles of "Chemotherapy" for every 15 days in the period of 3 months. After Surgery she had pain in the Stomach, weakness in the body and had difficulty in walking. She was also bleeding while passing urine which was not coming under control. She started Urine Therapy in November 2009 and stopped all medical tablets. Within the short period of 10 days her bleeding stopped completely she was also relieved from stomach pain, weakness, Bleeding and other various problems and was able to walk properly. She continued the treatment for 3 months in the proper method and during this period she was relieved from all her sufferings and she gained stamina in her body. Though Doctor had advised her to undergo Chemotherapy in Nov 2009 she is surviving without taking Chemotherapy or any other treatment. She is keeping hale and healthy and doing her routine activities without and problem. Her hair has also become stronger and has grown 9" longer than earlier. After adopting Urine Therapy she is keeping hale and healthy and she has not visited any Doctor or any Hospital till to-day.
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