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Juices and Light Balanced Diet is "Healthy Diet." It is the Natural source of essential minerals, Proteins, rich Vitamins and important Antioxidants compounds.


It is estimated that there are more than 8,000 diseases in the world. There are various number of Medicine, Alternative and Holistic method of treatment. Some of the medicines provided for treatment have limited effects to cure disease and some medicines have side effects.

God has given a wonderful gift to man, his own water “The Shivambu”. SHIV means beneficial, Salubrious, and ‘AMBU’ means water. The combined Sanskrit word “Shivambu” (beneficial water) has been formed from these two words. Auto Urine or Self Urine therapy is found in Damar Tantra is an ancient Sanskrit Work. It contains a detailed description of the system of therapeutics utilization of Shivambu. I.e. Auto Urine Therapy, as expounded by Lord Shiva to his Divine Consort, the Goddess Parvati. There are 107 shlokas or verses in the meter called “Anushtup Chhandas”.

It is asserted in the Damar Tantra that all diseases can be cured by Shivambu (One’s own urine), and all mankind can retain health and strength through the regular use of Shivambu.

Child starts growing in the mother womb. The fetus of the unborn child of the pregnant women is surrounded by the Amniotic Fluid. Amniotic fluid is very important for the growth of the baby which contains Fetal Urine. Unborn child Floats, Breaths, swallows amniotic fluid & fetal Urine in the mother’s womb. Urine is completely harmless which Protects and promotes muscular/skeletal development of the baby to grow in a normal manner and helps to give life to a child. Urine which protects the developing child to grow in the mother’s womb and give life to a child has Natural powers to Prevent, Control and Cure all diseases.

There are many people who have misconceptions about urine and they think that it is dirty, even poisonous, because it is discharged by the body. Urine looked down upon and treated as body waste by most people, is actually much cleaner than water. Not only has that, but the drinking of one’s own urine undoubtedly a very shocking thought, cured many otherwise incurable ailments.

Until you try it, you will never know how good its effects are on your body. You will be really surprised by the good results. Moreover, you won't have to bear as much pain, go to the doctor so often, or spend so much on conventional medical treatments. Urine is a filtrate of one's own blood.

Thousands of medicines are available in the market to cure various diseases. Every medicine has got individual effect on body organs & its various systems. Medicines of stomach cannot be put in eyes. Medicine of eyes is not used for ear & medicine of ear is not suitable for mouth. But Urine is the only medicine prepared in human body which provides a universal remedy as well as prevention and cure of almost every kind of disease, whatever may be its name, its cause or its stage. Also it needs no doctor for diagnosis of disease. God has given such a precious gift right from our birth which is capable of curing diseases whether it is Acute or Chronic as per modern health science.

“URINE THERAPY “can decrease Death caused due to Cancer It can increase the Survival chances of Cancer patients.

Urine Therapy can be adopted by Cancer patients who are undergoing Medical Treatment and Chemotherapy in the Hospital. It will increase the tolerance capacity of the patients and they will not realize the side effects of Chemotherapy and other medicine. They will recover much faster compared to the other patients who have not adopted Urine Therapy.

It can reduce / minimize the sufferings of Terminal patients who are kept on Palliative treatment for the rest of the life. It can be consideration as the best supportive system to fight Cancer. It can it increase the Survival chances of Cancer patients. In many cases patients can avoid Surgery and Chemotherapy It can Decrease the number of Death caused due to Cancer.

It can boost the Immune System, Improve Nervous Disorder, Dissolves and Removes the Toxins Accumulated in our body. It can revive dead Tissues, Rebuild Resistance Power of the Vital Organs like, Brain, Heart, Lungs, Pancreas, Liver and Intestine etc. It rejuvenates our body and safe guards the general Health of the people. It is an entirely drugless effective system of healing all kinds of Chronic Diseases. It is the safest method of treatment which does not have any side effects. It is very effective healing modality and most powerful Natural treatment. It is more powerful and has greater benefits than Chemotherapy and Radiation. It is one of the POSITIVE modes of treatment and it takes a short period to Control and Cure all ailments compared to all other methods and Alternative Therapies.

Urine Therapy is one of the best preventive methods to keep you Away from all kinds of Diseases. It can Control and Cure all kinds of Chronic Diseases. Persons can adopt Urine Therapy Urine Therapy without having any disease. They will feel energetic and will be healthy throughout their life.

Urine therapy is good not only for making you beautiful and rejuvenating you, but it affects your personality too. It makes you cheerful. Many of you may wonder whether there is really such a wonderful thing in this world. Well as the proverb goes, "Seeing is believing." Drink it and find out for yourself.


There are estimation that there are over 5.8 crore people who are diabetic in India. Diabetes is more common almost everywhere in the world. It is considered to be the root cause of many chronic diseases. Urine Therapy is the safest and easiest method of treatment to prevent, control and cure Diabetes. It can safe guard all other complications arising from diabetes include heart disease, hypertension, and diabetic retinopathy.

Diabetes is a common hormonal problem that if untreated can lead to cause serious health complications including heart disease, blindness, kidney failure, and lower-extremity amputations.

“Urine Therapy” can Control and Cure Diabetes and in many cases intake of insulin / oral tables is no longer require. It can also help in reduction of insulin / oral tablets intake to a large extent. It can prevent the complication which arises through the uncontrolled Diabetes and help to live with a healthy life. Method of treatment to Control and Cure “Diabetes”

Diabetes can be controlled / cured with urine Therapy provided it is done in the proper. Initially you have to take tablets / injection (for diabetes) which ever you are taking along with the treatment, but you have to observe the sugar level and gradually reduce the tablets / injection. You will realize the benefits within 10 to 15 days.)

Person who has Diabetes should observe their sugar level regularly and whenever their Fasting sugar level falls to 80 mg/dl or below that, they should decrease their tablets. If they are taking 2 tablets they should reduce it by ½ tablets every time (i.e. by 25%) Similarly if they are taking injection they should reduce by 25% every time. They can control and cure their Blood Sugar in the above simple method and maintain their regular activities. Persons will realize and observe that their blood sugar level improving day by day and they can gradually reduce their tablets or injection after observing their test reports. The damaged Pancreas will revive and start functioning.

It is very important and necessary to maintain balance and light Diet along with Drinking Urine, Massaging the body with Urine and keeping Urine Wet Pack. This method should be adopted by patients suffering from Chronic Disease to achieve the maximum Benefits.

If a person drinks 500 ml or 1 liters of “Shivambu” the holy liquid (Auto Urine) daily the uncontrolled Diabetes will come under control and his / her daily intake of insulin / tablets will be reduced. It can prevent the complication which arises through the uncontrolled Diabetes and help to live with a healthy life. It is an entirely drugless effective system of healing all kinds of Chronic Diseases and maintaining good health.

Drinking ½ Liter to 1 Liter of urine daily can keep a person healthy.


Persons who have kidney problem and are going for dialysis can also achieve benefits from Urine Therapy. They can continue dialysis as advised by the Doctor. They can also adopt Urine Therapy along with it and gradually they will start improving in their health In some cases person who is not able to drink more water and pass sufficient Urine for drinking then that can drink Urine of any other healthy person to achieve benefits. He can drink 1 Liter of urine in a day by consuming small quantity at a time. He has to message his body with urine and keep urine wet pack on his stomach.

The Persons who are on Dialysis or who are having high potassium in the Blood should cut the vegetables and soak it in water for 4 to 6 hours to remove the excess potassium from vegetables and then use it which will control the high potassium level in the blood.

After drinking Urine if the persons who are not able to collect the sufficient Urine for massaging and keeping urine wet pack, then they can take some other persons urine who are taking light diet and juices and use it. Person who is having swelling on the parts of the body can take one LASIX tablet in the morning initially for few days and the swelling will come down.

Persons can also collect Cow’s Urine and use it for external massaging. They can also drink small quantity of cow’s urine in morning.


The country has nearly 2.5 million Persons Living with HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS is a disease where in people gradually acquire deficiency of immune system and the infected disease does not respond to any medicine. HIV infections lead to progressive reduction in number of T cells of CD 4 counts. Due to the deficiency of CD-4 counts of HIV the patient’s immune system gradually reduces. The health of the patient deteriorates day by day and they suffer from various problems. Doctors advise them to take some medicine and Anti-Retroviral Therapy “ART” which is given to them just to delay the deterioration of the immune system. However their sufferings aggravate as there is no cure according to the medical science until to-day.

Urine Therapy is more powerful than Anti-Retroviral Therapy “ART”. It can control the deterioration of the health of HIV/AIDS patients and improve their energy power. It can control and cure HIV/AIDS and relieve them from all other various problems. It can strengthen their immune system and increase their CD 4 Counts. Some of the people who have CD 4 count as low as 50 can increase their CD count to 800 and above.

Urine Therapy can boost the Immunity System and increase CD 4 Counts. It can reduce viral infections and relieve a person from all major problems. It is an entirely drugless effective system of healing all kinds of Chronic Diseases. It rejuvenates our body and safe guards the general Health of the people. It Dissolves and Removes the Toxins Accumulated in the body. It is the safest method of treatment which does not have any side effects. It can boost the Immune System, Improve Nervous Disorder, Dissolves and Removes the Toxins Accumulated in our body. It can revive dead Tissues; Rebuild Resistance Power of the Vital Organs like, Brain, Heart, Lungs, Pancreas, Liver and Intestine etc. Most of HIV / AIDS patient may not require Antiretroviral Therapy (ART)

Message your head with urine,
Dip cloth in one day old urine keep on your head.
Wear a plastic cap to cover your head.
Cover it with another cloth and keep it on your head for 2 hours during day time or during overnight till morning.
Apart from that you have to drink your urine as advised to you.


Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation-Disability is the loss of deficiency of Motor Control with Involuntary Spasm due to Brain Damage by Birth that causes Paralysis. They are affected with the disease with twisted hands and legs that they are unable to move or balance without assistance and are not able to speak, hear, sit and stand.

Urine Therapy has power to control and Cure all Ailments subject to from very Birth including Cerebral Palsy. Children’s affected with Cerebral Palsy by Birth who are unable to move and cannot sit, stand, speak and hear will be able to sit, stand and walk. They will be able to speak, hear, response to sound and recognize persons. It can promote memory, intelligence and develop brain function and improve their Physical Deformity. Their twisted hands and legs can become straight and muscles will develop in their body.


Put fresh urine drops in the eyes and repeat this for 4 times in a day. Soak the eyes in the eye cups containing fresh urine and blink it for 10 minutes and repeat this for 4 times in a day. Keep urine wet pack on the eyes for 10 minutes. Repeat this for 4 times.


Do not message at the place where you are having Eczema. Just apply urine on that portion and leave to dry. Once it is dried apply urine once again and dry it. You can repeat it number of times. Apart from that you can keep Urine wet Pack on that portion and remove it in the morning


Mouth / Cheek cancer can be cured with urine therapy. Hold fresh urine in your mouth for 10 minutes and then goggle it by swirling urine in your mouth and then throw it out. Repeat this for 6 times in a day. Keep urine wet pack on both sides of your face /cheek This method can be adopted for any kind of mouth problem i.e. tooth pain, gum problem or mouth ulcer. Drinking urine, massaging body with urine and urine wet pack is necessary.


Some important points:-

Drinking one’s partner’s urine is sexually stimulating.
Husband and wife has to drink has to drink each other’s urine.
They have to message their body with each other’s urine This would transfer hormones from wife’s body and strengthen the sperms of husband.
Apart from higher sperms it increases sexual capacity and make it possible to conceive.
Some women who have the burning ambition to bear babies are unable to conceive children due to infertility for some unforeseen reasons or due to insufficient active sperms of husband. To full fill the ambition to have their own children a husband and wife both of them has to drink each others fresh Urine. Both of them should take the same balanced and light diet along with juices and follow the proper method of Urine Therapy. Urine of both the persons will have the same basic taste if they consume the same diet. Wife has to drink husband’s Urine and message her body with husband’s Urine and husband has to drink wife’s Urine and message his body with wife’s Urine. They should also wash their sexual organs with each other’s Urine. This would transfer hormones from partner’s body and strengthen sperms and make it possible for conception to take place. Apart from increasing higher sperms counts it increases the sexual stimulating capacity and sexual pleasure. While doing this treatment they should continue intercourse and keep on trying until one of these sperms succeeded. A husband’s Urine drunk by wife in labor helps the birth and she can also drink her own Urine during the pregnancy. Some women suffer from abdominal pain, white discharge, excessive bleeding and irregular menstruation problem i.e. premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). They get the periods in advance before monthly cycle of 28 days and they suffer from various problems. Some of them undergo hysterectomy (removal of the uterus). Urine Therapy stimulates the body’s natural healing processes to rebalance their hormones and regularize their monthly cycles.


“Urine Fasting” is very effective and considered to very powerful to destroy the very root cause of most diseases and Cure all kinds of chronic diseases. During urine fasting person has to drink only Urine and Water throughout the day and night without taking any diet and juice. Fasting of course is an age old therapy and well known in many system of Nature. J.W. Armstrong Author of the Book “The water of Life” on Urine Therapy was himself practicing Urine Therapy and he fasted for a period of 45 days without food and cured himself from illness. As recommended by him his patients underwent fasting for a period from 5 days to 60 days without breaking the fast and recovered from their various problems. I have recommended starting of “Urine Therapy” which can be adopted and practiced at home in a very easy method by drinking Urine and Water along with light diet and juices which can be followed and practiced by every-one including young children suffering from Cerebral Palsy from the very birth. This method can be also adopted by the patients suffering from chronic disease wherein Doctors give away their hopes for the patients or they have to be compulsory under Medical treatment.
Most of the patients who have adopted the above method have achieved great benefits and they have been relieved from their major problems. I would like to include that the persons who have achieved benefits in the above method can further continue the treatment by doing “Urine Fasting” for 30 days to get better results so that the very root cause of disease are destroyed and the problem do not repeat / reoccur again. Persons who are unable to do the fasting for a long period 30 days continually can follow the easy method by breaking the fast in between for short period:- They can fast for 5 days on Urine and Water only and then take balance light diet for 10 days. Again after the interval of 10 days they can fast for 5 days.
By this method 30 days of fasting can be completed in a period of 3 months. During fasting they should not take any medicine / tablets. It is advisable that the person should drink fresh own “Auto urine”.
In certain case they can also drink the urine of any other healthy person.
The fasting must be attended with urine-rubbing (massaging) and urine pack.


Urine Enema can be given to the patients who are suffering from Stomach pain, severe Constipation, Stomach Cancer or any kind of Stomach problem. To prepare Urine Enema take 500 ml of Urine and mix it with 100 ml of hot water. This can be taken during day time for 2 or 3 days.

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