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Auto-Urine Therapy known as “Shivambu” is an ancient method of treatment, which has been continuing from generation to generation. In the ancient days, many sages and rishimunis followed and practiced urine therapy. Lord Shiva himself recommended the action and ritual of Shivambu Kalpa to Mother Parvati mentioned in ancient book Damar Tantra.

The powerful practice for healing, Auto-Urine Therapy, has been referred to as “Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi” in 5000-year-old documents called Damar Tantra in the Vedas. God has given a wonderful gift to man, his own water – Shivambu. Shiv means beneficial and salubrious, and Ambu means water. The combined Sanskrit word is Shivambu (beneficial water). They termed Shivambu as the holy liquid.

This book is published to enlighten everyone who is diagnosed with cancer to adopt Urine Therapy before going for surgery or chemotherapy. It is safe and does not have any side effects. It can prevent and control/cure cancer. It is free of cost and can be practiced at home. People living with diabetes can cure diabetes by adopting Urine Therapy.


Natural Benefits of Urine Therapy is one of the “Educational Sections on Secret of Excellent Health” for everyone to maintain a healthy life. It has natural healing powers to control and cure all kinds of diseases.Urine Therapy or “Shivambu” is an ancient method of treatment. Reference of Urine Therapy is found in almost all the volumes of Ayurveda. In ancient books and Vedas, Urine is referred to as “Shivambu” (auto-urine), which means Water of Shiva. They termed “Shivambu” as holy liquid. According to them, urine is more nutritious than milk.Urine Therapy is an effective system and it is entirely drugless system of healing all chronic disease. It can be adopted by everyone including young children suffering from cerebral palsy from the very birth.

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