The Epidemic of CORONA VIRUS – COVID 19 has created the PANIC and FEAR among the people. Millions of people are infected and thousands of people are dying every day. SHIVAMBU can STOP the present Epidemic of CORONAVIRUS from spreading. It can SAVE Millions of LIFE and people can Live Hale and Healthy Life without any FEAR.

SHIVAMBU is 100% SAFE and can be adopted and practiced at home in an easy method. It does not have any kind of side effects. Persons who are tested COVID POSITIVE can become COVID NEGATIVE with SHIVAMBU without taking any Medical treatment.

 I have treated and CURED People who were COVID – POSITIVE with SHIVAMBU.

I have also treated and CURED people suffering from CANCER, HIV, Diabetes, Cerebral Palsy, Nephritic syndrome, Gallbladder Stones, and all other various Chronic Diseases with SHIVAMBU known as URINE THERAPY. THE HEALING POWER IS WITHIN US.

URINE SHIVAMBU is not the waste product; it is the “SERUM” By-Product of Blood Filtration. URINE is the watery part of the Blood. It contains 95% of water and 5 % of Proteins and Vitamins. It contains:-Urea, Creatinine, Ammonia, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphate, Phosphate and Potassium. It can Boost and increase the Immunity System in our Body.

The clean and the white color Urine like water (coconut water) does not contain any smell and can be obtained from our body by maintaining a proper and a light healthy diet.

The color and taste of the Urine depends upon the persons what they eat & drink.

SHIVAMBU is the NECTAR of LIFE known as URINE THERAPY can PREVENT and CURE COVID – 19. It will improve and Boost their Immunity system and prevent them from all kinds of diseases. Persons who drink one Liter of SHIVAMBU daily will not be infected with COVID 19.  People who are Healthy and do not have any Diseases can also adopt URINE Therapy.

Government and Media should JOIN their Hands to Educate, promote and Recommend the people to adopt SHIVAMBU known as URINE THERAPY in the similar manner as they are promoting and recommending people to take Vaccine.

The number of people who are infected and dying due to CORONAVIRUS daily can be decreased and reduced in a short period.  IT CAN SAVE MILLIONS OF LIFE.

Government should also Recognize SHIVAMBU “The NECTAR of LIFE” – URINE THERAPY as the VALID NATURAL Treatment and help the people to relieve from all their Sufferings.

God has given us this GIFT” SHIVAMBU by Birth to Maintain Hale and Health Life.


Urine Therapy can control and cure all kinds of diseases if it is adopted in a proper method.

People have to drink plenty of water, drink juices and eat a light diet.

The proper Method of treatment for the patients who are suffering from Chronic Diseases is by drinking plenty of water and drinking Urine that is SHIVAMBU the Nectar of Life.

People diagnosed with COVID POSITIVE, CANCER, HIV and
other diseases can follow the following instructions:-

  • Persons have to drink one and a half (1.5) liters of water in the morning. They have to keep on drinking Urine and water. By this method they will pass white colorless Urine without any smell.
  • They have to do one day URINE fasting by drinking only URINE / SHIVAMBU and water.
  • Next days they can continue drinking URINE and along with that they can eat light diet.
  • Morning they can eat Fruits like Green Apple, Papaya, Banana, Pears, Guava, Kiwi fruits.
  • For lunch and dinner they can eat a light diet such as white Oats, brown broken rice or Millet rice with curds, boiled green vegetables, sprouted Green gram Moong and vegetable soup.
  • They can drink some vegetable juices of Carrot, Tomato and wheat grass etc.
  • They can continue URINE / SHIVAMBU fasting every alternative day.
  • The Persons who have been tested as COVID – 19 POSITIVE can Defeat the Virus Infection with Urine Therapy in a period of 10 or 12 days. After adopting URINE Therapy for 10 to 12 days their Medical test will indicate COVID – 19 NEGATIVE without taking any Medicine.

Along with COVID they will be relieved from other various Health problems.

During this treatment they have to massage their full body from head to toe with one day old Urine with SHIVAMBU for 2 times in the morning & evening.  After messaging they have to keep Urine / SHIVAMBU wet pack on the stomach and on the other affected parts of the body.

SHIVAMBU- URINE THERAPY is very powerful and effective for diseases.

I would like to assert that based on my experience of several decades, the person who drinks one Liter of Urine SHIVAMBU every day they will not be infected with COVID 19.

I would like to add that the Medical Treatment is also very essential and necessary for everyone.

People can take Medical treatment as and when it is required by them.

People can take COVID Vaccine as Precaution for infection. For the people who are not taking Vaccine SHIVAMBU is the best alternative which can SAVE them. Ultimately it is an individual choice. SHIVAMBU can be adopted at Home without any Medical Treatment. They can also take some necessary Medicines as advised by their Doctor and along with “URINE THERAPY”.

People can Practice YOGA, Pranayama, Walking, Jogging, Physical exercises and other and all other Natural Activities along with “SHIVAMBU” – Auto URINE THERAPY.




In 1990, the author adopted Urine Therapy, as advised by one of his well-wishers, to recover from osteoarthritis. His wife Dropati Bhurani also recovered from nervous problem after taking urine therapy.The author along with his wife had attended the First All India Conference of Urine Therapy held in Goa in 1993. He had first prepared his Article on the “Benefits of Urine Therapy” in July 2006.

The author has researched the proper, method and technique to achieve benefits from urine therapy. Thereafter he has been advising Free Social Service to the persons suffering from chronic diseases.

Millions of people are suffering from Chronic Disease. To-day mankind has been surrounded by innumerable incurable diseases and man is feeling utterly helpless and dejected.

Nature has provided us with all Natural Amenities like Air, Water, Sun light etc., which are essential for our Body.  Nature has provided us with “DIVINE NECTAR” known as “URINE” which flows from our Body.

URINE THERAPY is the “ELIXIR of Life and it is a PANACEA which has Natural Healing Power to Control and CURE all hosts of life-threatening diseases including CANCER, HIV, Diabetes, Cerebral palsy, MND, Mental retardation, Arthritis, psoriasis, hair loss and  all other Chronic disease.

The Government should Promote “URINE THERAPY” known as “SHIVAMBU” the NECTAR of LIFE.

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