Shivambu Urine Therapy Benefits



God has given a wonderful gift to man, his own water “Shivambu”.Shiv means beneficial, salubrious, and ‘Ambu’ means water.

The combined Sanskrit word “Shivambu” (beneficial water) has been formed from these two words. Auto urine or self Urine Therapy is found in Damar Tantra is an ancient Sanskrit work. It contains a detailed description of the system of therapeutics utilization of Shivambu. i.e., Auto Urine Therapy, as expounded by lord Shiva to his divine consort, the goddess Parvati. There are 107 Shlokas or verses in the meter called “Anushtup Chhandas”. It is asserted in the Damar Tantra that all diseases can be cured by Shivambu (one’s own urine), and all mankind can retain health and strength through the regular use of Shivambu.

Child starts growing in the mother womb. The fetus of the unborn child of the pregnant women is surrounded by amniotic fluid. Amniotic fluid is essential for the growth of the baby which contains fetal urine. Amniotic fluid and fetal urine is continually being “inhaled” “exhaled”, by the baby. Unborn child floats, breaths, swallows amniotic fluid & fetal urine in the mother’s womb. Urine is completely harmless which protects and promotes muscular/skeletal development of the baby to grow in a normal manner and helps to give life to a child. Urine which protects the developing child to grow in the mother’s womb and give life to a child has natural powers to prevent, control and cure all diseases.

There are many people who have misconceptions about urine and they think that it is dirty, even poisonous, because it is discharged by the body. Urine is treated as body waste by most people, is actually much cleaner than water. Not only that, but the drinking of one’s own urine undoubtedly is a very shocking thought, cured many otherwise incurable ailments.

Until you try it, you will never know how good it effects on your body. You will be shocked by the good results. Moreover, you won’t have to bear as much pain, go to the doctor so often, or spend so much on conventional medical treatments. Urine is a filtrate of one’s own blood.

Ancient Reference

Lord Shiva has himself narrated the “benefits of Urine Therapy” to mother Parvati which has been referred in the ancient book “Damar Tantra” in Vedas. In ancient books and Vedas, urine is referred as “Shivambu” (auto urine) meaning water of Shiva.

Urine Therapy is an ancient method of treatment. The powerful practice for healing “self-Urine Therapy” has been referred in “Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi”which is the part of 5000 years old document called Damar Tantra linking this practice to Vedas, the sacred Hindu texts. Reference of Urine Therapy is also found in almost all the volume of Ayurveda and in one of the volumes bhavprakasha urine is termed as “Vishaghna” killer of all poisons and “Rasayana” which can rejuvenate even old person and “Raktapamaharam” which purifies blood and cures all skin diseases.

In Tantrik yoga culture this practice is termed as “Amroli.” Amroli comes from the root word “Amar.” they termed “Shivambu” as holy liquid. According to them urine is more nutritious than even milk as you are not only physically benefited by the practice, but you become spiritually advanced because it is an elixir for body, mind and spirit.

God has given us this precious gift (urine) right from our very birth. The proverb 5: 15 has also been referred in the holy bible: – “drink water out of thane own cistern.”

Shlokas 41 and 42 of “vyavahaarsutra” by the learned Jain Acharya Bhadrababu also mention that one must drink one’s own urine while taking vow or undertaking the regular performance of a religious ritual.

Even in western countries efficacy and fabulous medicinal values of urine were known to the people, which is evident from old records. In a book “one thousand notable things” published in england. Scotland and Ireland simultaneously in the beginning of nineteenth century there are many important and useful references of Urine Therapy available.

The press report published on 24th October 1967 in the medical journals of San Fransisco (u.s.a) that the normal human urine has been found to contain marvelous healing property to cure deadly disease such as cancer, tuberculosis, pulmonary and cardiac vascular diseases etc. Research physicians said at the scientific sessions of the American heart association that “an extract of human urine shows great promise for treatment of certain deadly diseases and the extract is called Urokinase”.

Pharmaceutical companies in Japan and China are extracting valuable substance called “Urokinase” out of human urine and are earning valuable foreign exchange by exporting to the other countries. The extract is useful for dissolving blood clots in heart and lung disease.

Reference of Urokinase is found on page 1354 in the big volume written by four learned American doctors. The name of the book is “Goodman & Gilman’s the pharmacological basis of therapeutics” which is published by Macmillan publishing co. New York.

It is well-known fact that some people drink cow’s urine and finds some relief from their pain and sufferings. People drink cow’s urine in a small quantity directly. They also take Ayurveda and homeopathy medicine which contains small quantity of cow’s urine to gain some benefits. Cow’s urine is known as “sacred urine” but however they cannot drink cow’s urine directly in the large quantity.

Whereas people who accept and adopt “Urine Therapy” (auto urine) can consume their own urine in large quantity and achieve maximum benefits. They have to observe that they pass and collect white color-less urine which does not contain any smell and it tastes just like water. They can also consume cow’s urine along with auto urine and gain more benefits.

Urine analysis and research shows that our own urine (auto urine) and the cow’s urine contains similar valuable proteins: – Creatinine, urea-n (nitrogen), urea, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, ammonia-n, chloride, n/10 acid and other vitamins and hormones which are vital importance in the maintenance of body and health.

When we talk about the word “urine” many people prefer to ignore this subject and they do not wish to discuss due to the stigma attached to it. They do not know the valuable tremendous potential and multiple benefits which can be achieved from it which has “natural healing power.”

They should develop a positive attitude, realize the natural healing power within us, and gain the inspiration to accept and adopt Urine Therapy in a cheerful manner. They should overcome the stigma attached to it and also encourage other people to achieve natural benefits from “Urine Therapy.”

Urine Therapy is an ancient method of treatment. In the ancient days many Sages and Rishimunis were following and practicing Urine Therapy. They used to enjoy an active healthy life and lived for a very long period of more than 300 years.

The former prime minister of India late Sri Morarji Desai was following Urine Therapy and he lived a hale and healthy life till his last days. There are number of prominent great personalities who were practicing Urine Therapy and leading healthy life

Even today, millions of people are practicing Urine Therapy across the world. But they do not know the proper method and technique to achieve the maximum benefits from Urine Therapy.