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Urine Therapy for HIV

Patient Testimonials

RAVI KUMAR (M) from Bangalore Age 34 years was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in the year 2004. There were number of black patches on his skin and some portions were appearing like burnt skin. All the hair in his body had disappeared and he had severe Dandruff on his head. He was suffering from various problems, feeling weak, numbness and was not having any energy in his body. He was unable to do his daily activities and could not attend his office regularly. His health was deteriorating day by day. His CD4 counts had reduced to 250 cells.

On my advice SRI RAVIKUMAR started Urine Therapy in March 2009.

Within a period of 10 days the deterioration of his health stopped completely and his physical health started improving. After adopting Urine Therapy he has not taken any tablets. The black patches on the skin and some portions of his skin which were appearing like burnt skin has disappeared. New skin has developed and the entire complexion of his body has become very clear and soft. The hairs have re-grown on his new skin. The Dandruff on his head has been cured and he does not have any problem. His CD-4 counts had increase from 250 cells to 663 cells in February 2010.

Thereafter he has not undergone any test. His immune system has improved and he is feeling energetic, healthy attending his normal activities regularly without any



February 2010

I have not taken ART’s for the past 4 months and I feel okay and good.

With prayers also God has intervened in my situation.

God is great for he has given you wisdom to this therapy you should also thank God for his creation wisdom and knowledge he has put in you.

I also wish to spread the therapy word to those I love and know I love you

Mr. Bhurani. May God richly bless you? I will also teach and tell others here in Africa to go on your website so that they read other testimonies.


Zimbabwe, Africa

May 20, 2013

Dear Sir,

I am using urine therapy since last year; I made a lot of development in my health.

I am HIV positive, my energy becomes vibrant.

I also cured asthma through urine.

Usually I use my morning urine three days per week.

Best Regards


Jan 13, 2014

Hi! am good and healthy, because I was HIV+ and I was to die but since I begun urine am very OK and good my health is getting well and am very happy.

I introduced my children’s too and they are very strong and healthy.

I can’t say anything but to recommend that urine has done me good and I have hope in life Thanks



Feb 03, 2014

Hello my deepest gratitude for doing what you do and for being there for me I got another test done at the clinic and it came out HIV negative.

I just need to do another one at a lab to see my cd4 count thanks you again for being part of this hard journey with me


South Africa

August 7, 2014

Jagdish R. Bhurani is a wonder to humanity.

His desire for people of all races to get cured from their ailments has no boundary.

When I wrote to him informing him of that I am dying of Aids, he did not hesitate to answer me and told me about the urine therapy and how to use it.

Now, I am on my feet. Healthy and cured

Jane, from Nigeria

[email protected]

Jan 05, 2015

Feedback on UT:

UT is wonder water that is a sole miracle for Humankind.

I recommended UT to a friend that had HIV and he has been drinking it alone without any anti retro-viral medication.

I also recommended that he go on fruit therapy and eat much of vegetable.

Result: he has a more steady life, free of sickness. UT can cure any sickness

Jack Eddy

[email protected]

March 27, 2015

I am writing to you filled with joy!! I have been to my ART provision facility

3 months ago and my viral load results showed UNDETECTED.

I have been using urine therapy along with ART since I last contacted you.

Unfortunately I did not have a smart phone to scan the results on file that time.

I have now got a one smart phone with a camera; I will photo and scan a copy to forward to you after my next visit to the health centre.

Thank you so much for all your research on urine therapy! I wish the whole

World should get to appreciate and understand about urine therapy!

Warmest regards,

Charles Mbaziira


[email protected]

Jun 22, 2015

Dr. Bhurani,

Thank you so much! I am so grateful to the free health knowledge that you gave me concerning Urine therapy.

As I had informed you much earlier, I was first tested HIV positive in 2013 and since then I was started on ART. My CD 4 count was 345 and was growing very slowly.

After starting urine therapy in Nov 2014 for 3 months, I had a Viral Load test in Jan 2015 and I found my results were “NOT DETECTED”. I am yet to do a CD 4 test by July 2016 and I will send you a copy of my results then.

God bless you abundantly!!!

Warmest regards,

Charles Mbaziira

Kampala Uganda

Mar 24, 2016

Woo this is simply a good testimony. God is indeed a great healer. I actually went for a viral test and cd4 count yesterday. I got d result from the lab technician;

He was marveled at how my CD 4 counts.

The last time was 574 and today is 615.

I asked him what to do coz d viral test was positive.

He said my sister, am surprise. Even it was very difficult to detect it.

He said it took him almost 20 minutes be4 he could detect it. Please I just want to know if there is another way to go so as to test negative.

Although I haven’t lost hope at all, Still holding on to God for a divine and

total healing.


[email protected]

Mar 24, 2016

Good day house.  I am Chioma Miriam from Nigeria.

I have been on urine therapy for almost a year, trying to fight HIV.

It has been working…. When I started my CD4 count was as low as 200.

It grew to 575…… Kept doing and it grew to 615,

Just finished another 2 months and CD4 count grew to 639….

I had my mother go run CD 4 count and hers was 802 and showed negative.

Chioma Miriam

[email protected]


Jun 11, 2016

(Chioma Miriam age 28 from Nigeria was diagnosed with HIV in 2011

She started Urine Therapy in May 2015 when her CD counts were 200.

In June her CD counts increase to 639 and was feeling hale and healthy.)

Dear Doctor,

Am here to testify about how powerful healing is. I was sick from unknown disease at first time. Then later on I get pregnant and they find me with HIV.

I heard about urine and saw on your website on how I can use to be healed? I started urine therapy through fasting urine therapy method. I was feeling comfortable, no more sickness since 2014 up to now.

I have never taken any medication from the day I started urine therapy.                My skin body was very ugly but now I am feeling good with my skin body.         No more virus and sickness in my body.

I thank God for this otherwise I was almost dying.

To you I am very thankful for what God did to you by using you to help us so that we can be healed from our diseases.  I salute your love to us

Long live MR J Bhurani.


[email protected]       

31st August 2017

Dear Jagdish,

Your website came as an answer to my prayer for healing.

Thank you so much for sharing this divine knowledge and I have started on it.

I have just been discharged from hospital and have a compromised immune system due to HIV infection. My CD4 count was 4 and I got pneumonia and the antibiotics have thankfully taken care of the symptoms. I really am thankful for the treatment, but have been praying for total eradication of the condition.

I started on UT just 2 weeks ago after stumbling on your website and have had remarkable results. Not only is UT healing the pneumonia in an amazing way, It is also side effects of the strong antibiotics, some of the side effects are known to be life threatening and others very unpleasant .

As soon as I do the therapy, I feel an awesome sense of ease knowing and having confidence that it will do its amazing work, it takes care of all chronic pains -headache, stomach and joint pains, muscle weakness, increases my energy levels and has given clearer vision after eye infections. It’s just incredible.

I have been given a new lease of life with this amazing, God given UT.

When I was discharged my consultant informed me that I needed to really rest and it would take weeks in order to heal fully. I couldn’t do anything apart from walking unsteadily to exercise my weak limbs.

As soon as I started UT, I feel stronger and more energetic and confident.

UT has really speeded up the healing in my chest and I no longer have panic attacks and my mind is calm. What is even more incredible is that there are no side effects with UT, except just positive, life giving benefits.

I will keep updates of my CD4 count, but with UT, the future looks bright!

Thank you so much. This is life saving. I have purchased a copy of Natural Benefits of Urine Therapy, and will share my testimony to spread awareness of UT

Louise Westring

South Shields, UK

[email protected]

Aug 13, 2016

Dear Readers,


It’s my happiness that I m able to see this days, friends 3 month back situation was not this which I m living in, my brother got infected with life threatening HIV with immunity 194.        

Past 2 month situation was severe he used to 20-25 time loo for reason of severe loose motion vomiting every day 104-103 fever I have been through from very bad & weak time.

So Mr.Jagdish bhurani came in my life through net surfing to find out solutions to cure it, after having much conversation and discussion we have started immediately, doctor said that my brother is suffering from heart problem, TB and also from dengue or else type of fever……

Believe me I have stopped all this medicines and only started urine therapy and Amruta /Giloy tablets from Patanjali store….
This has created magic!
Now my brother is all right as this December ends means after 1& half month we will be doing HIV test,

It’s now just a matter of doing therapy same way for 1more month but with this my brother has given me promise and u can take as my bestest gift of rakshabandhan till now is he said I’ll b continue this therapy in future also that will not get any infection.

Guys be serious and start it now
Jagdish Ji luvs u & high regards for u sir……hats off.

Rupal Solanki   

[email protected]

Nov. 17, 2016