Shivambu Urine Therapy Benefits

107 verses by Lord Shiva to Goddess Parvathi

Auto-Urine Therapy (Shivambu Kalpa):
The Indian version as detailed in the DAMAR TANTRA.

O Parvati! I shall expound to you the recommended actions and rituals of Shivambu Kalpa that confers numerous benefits. Those well versed in the scriptures have carefully specified certain vessels for the purpose. (1)

Utensils made from the following materials are recommended: Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze, Brass, Iron, Clay, Ivory, Glass, Wood from sacred trees, Bones, Leather and Leaves. (2, 3)

The Shivambu (one’s own urine) should be collected in a utensil made of any of these materials. Among them, clay utensils are better, copper are by far the best. (4)

The intending practitioner of the therapy should abjure salty or bitter foods, should not over-exert himself, should take a light meal in the evening, should sleep on the ground, and should control and master his senses. (5)

The sagacious practitioner should get up when three quarters of the night have elapsed, and should pass urine while facing the east. (6)

The wise one should leave out the first and the last portions of the urine, and collect only the middle portion. This is considered the best procedure. (7)

Just as there is poison in the mouth and the tail of the serpent, O Parvati, it is even so in the case of the flow of Shivambu. (8)

Shivambu (auto- urine) is heavenly nectar, which is capable of destroying senility and diseases. The practitioner of Yoga should take it before proceeding with his other rituals. (9)

After cleansing the mouth, and performing the other essential morning functions, one should drink one’s own clear urine, which is the annihilator of senility and diseases. (10)

One who drinks Shivambu for the duration of a month will be purified internally. Drinking it for two months stimulates and energizes the senses. (11)

Drinking it for three months destroys all diseases and frees one from all troubles. By drinking it for five months, one acquires divine vision and freedom from all diseases. (12)

Continuation of the practice for six months makes the practitioner highly intelligent and proficient in the scriptures, and if the duration is seven months, the practitioner acquires extraordinary strength. (13)

If the practice is continued for eight months, one acquires a permanent glow like that of gold, and if it is continued for nine months, one is freed from tuberculosis and leprosy. (14)

Ten months of this practice makes one a veritable treasury of luster. Eleven months of it would purify all the organs of the body. (15)

A man who has continued the practice for a year becomes the equal of the sun in radiance. He who has continued for two years conquers the element Earth. (16)

If the practice is continued for three years, one conquers the element of Water, and if it is continued for four years, the element Light is also conquered. (17)

He who continues the practice for five years conquers the element Air, and he who continues it for seven years conquers pride. (18)

Continuation of the practice for eight years enables one to conquer all the important elements of Nature, and continuation of it for nine years frees one from the cycle of birth and death. (19)

One who has continued the practice for ten years can fly through the air without effort. One who has continued it for eleven years is able to hear the voice of his sour (inner self). (20)

He who has continued the practice for twelve years will live so long as the moon and the stars last. He is not troubled by dangerous animals such as snakes, and no poisons can kill him. He cannot be consumed by fire, and can float on water just like wood. (21)

O Goddess! I shall tell you now about other variants of the therapy. Please listen attentively. He who takes powdered amrita (gaduchi, Tinospora Condifolia) mixed with Auto-Urine habitually for six months, is freed from all disorders, and acquires happiness. (22, 23 cont…)

Powdered haritaki (harade, Terminalia Chebula) should be assiduously taken with Shivambu. This combination destroys senile degeneration and all diseases. If this practice is continued for a year, it makes one exceptionally strong. (…23, 24)

One masha (about one gramme) of sulpher be taken along with Shivambu every morning. He who continues the practice for three years will live as long as the moon and the stars last. His urine and feces will whiten gold. (25)

The powder of the Koshtha fruit should be mixed properly with Shivambu and taken in the prescribed manner. If this practice is continued for twelve years, one’s body will be free from the ravages of old age such as wrinkles on the skin, and whitening of the hair. One acquires the strength of a thousand elephants, and lives as long as the moon and the stars continue to exist. (26)

If powdered pepper and Triphala Choorna (mixed powder of Terminalia Belavica, Terminalia Chebul and Phylonthus Embica) mixed with Shivambu are taken regularly, one acquired a radiance like that of the gods. (27)

The essence (bhasma) of mica and sulpher should be taken with Shivambu along with a little water. This cures al disorders caused by malfunctioning of the digestive system and all disorders caused by the Vata humour. He who takes such a mixture regularly become strong, acquires a divine radiance, and can cheat time (escape the ravages of time). (28, 29)

He who takes Shivambu daily and excluded salty, sour and bitter food from his diet acquires divine accomplishments quickly. Freed from all ailments, and possessing a body comparable to that of Shiva Himself, he disports himself like the gods in the Universe for an eternity. (30).