Awareness of Urine Therapy can SAVE Millions of Life

I have forwarded letters and posted my Books to the NACO, ICMR, Delhi, Central Government, President of India, Prime Minister of India, Union Health Minister Delhi, and various Government Health Department from the Year 2007 from 12 Years requesting them to:-

Recognize and Promote “URINE THERAPY”.
The Government has RECOGNIZED Ayurveda and Homeopathy.

Similarly, the Government should also RECOGNIZE “URINE THERAPY” “URINE THERAPY” is very POWERFUL Natural Method of Treatment.

I am determined to prevent the occurrence of CANCER and contribute my efforts to help the people at large to CURE CANCER with the most Powerful Treatment of “URINE THERAPY” in INDIA and across the WORLD!

I have submitted Testimonials and written Statement of CANCER patients in this Book. I have also uploaded the Video Recorded of patients suffering from CANCER and other chronic diseases in my website: who achieved Benefits with “URINE THERAPY”.

Testimonial and Video Recoding are the evidence of SCIENTIFIC PROOF.

I would Request the Government of India and the Health Department to PROMOTE “URINE THERAPY” which is 100% SAFE as YOGA. “URINE THERAPY” is also the Ancient method of YOGA practice.