Urine Therapy

My Personal Experience

In the year 1990 I was admitted in the Hospital for Osteoarthritis and severe weakness in my bones. I got affected with the disease due to the withdrawal and side effects of “Steroids” tablets which I was consuming from a long time for the Eczema in my left foot. In spite of staying for three weeks in the Hospital I could not recover and had difficulty in standing and walking.

One of my well wisher advised me to adopt the “URINE THERAPY” and suggested me some books: –

1) Water of Life: – by Armstrong.
2) Miracles of Urine Therapy: – by Dr. C.P. Mithal, M.D.

I went through the above books and started Urine Therapy. I used to massage my body with urine twice a day and also used to drink my own urine. I achieved and gained benefits gradually, regained my Stamina and recovered fully within a period of 30 days and was totally CURED from Eczema.

My wife DROPATI BHURANI was suffering from Diabetes and Nervous problem. Due to the severe nervous problem sometimes she would become very weak and could not get up from bed. At that time she used to feel numbness and weakness in her fingers and was unable to hold a pen or a spoon in her hand.

After one hour of Body Massage with her Urine she used to feel energy in her body and would get up by herself from the bed and would hold the pen and write on the paper. She used to drink her own Urine every day to keep her Hale and Healthy. She had adopted this treatment and use to discuss on this subject with others in cheerful manner. She had given me the inspiration to take keen interest on “URINE THERAPY.”

I along with my wife had attended the First All India Conference of:
“URINE THERAPY” held in GOA in the year 1993. Thereafter I have been advising and providing my Free Social Service to the persons suffering from Chronic Diseases from the year 1993.

I had first prepared my Article on the “Benefits of Urine Therapy” in July 2006 containing 2 pages and distributed copies to the persons who were suffering from Chronic Disease. I used to explain them the proper Method, Technique, Mode of Treatment and the necessary Diet. Whoever have gone through my Article and adopted the proper Method of treatment have achieved and gained great benefits from Urine Therapy.

Sri ANGALA PARAMESHWARI MATHA, Chennai has bestowed her Blessings on me and GOD has enlightened me with his Divine Power to Gain proper Knowledge on the Benefits from Urine Therapy.

With Practical experience and keen interest I have studied, Investigated and Researched the proper Method and Technique to achieve the Maximum Benefits from URINE THERAPY which can be followed by every-one including young children. Persons who adopt and practice Urine Therapy willingly and in cheerful manner can gain this Divine knowledge and they can become their own Doctor with practical experience.

I have presented “Case history of some Patients.” suffering from various diseases where in the Doctors had given away their hopes for their Survival and could not treat them. All the patients who have been referred there in have achieved great benefits and relieved from their Pain and Sufferings.

Urine is the “SERUM” By-Product of Blood Filtration or watery part of the Blood and not waste filtration. Urine Therapy is the Most Effective Natural Remedy which does not have any side effects. It has the invaluable source of Nourishment and Healing Power. Consuming own Urine regularly is the “Secret of Longevity and exuberant health” the most valuable and beneficial for Health, which is capable of curing host of diseases.

Our Urine (Auto Urine) contains multiple Natural Proteins. The clean and the white color Urine (like water) do not contain any smell and can be obtained from our body by maintaining a proper and healthy diet. The color and taste of the Urine depends upon the persons what they eat & drink.

People are not aware of the method to collect white color Urine (color less like water) which does not contain any smell which can be consumed very easily by every-one including young children. They also do not know the proper diet and juices which can be taken along with URINE THERAPY so that they can continue the treatment for longer period and achieve proper benefits without any problem. They can NOW read this Book and follow the instructions.

Persons affected with Chronic Disease who adopts “Urine Therapy” can undergo medical test regularly.

They can be under the supervision of Doctor who can observe the gradual progress of their health.

W.H.O. and Government should Recognize “URINE THERAPY”

Though I am not a qualified Doctor and I do not hold any Medical Certificate, with practical experience, I have treated and CURED patients suffering from Chronic Diseases which are not curable according to the Medical science. I have treated / CURED Patients suffering from Breast Cancer, Lungs & Bone Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Ovarian cancer, CML Leukemia (CANCER), Stomach / Liver Cancer, Mouth / Cheek Cancer, Lip CANCER. I have also treated Patients suffering from HIV, Gall Bladder stones, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Nephritic Syndrome many other Chronic Diseases.

I have the Medical diagnosed test reports of all “Patients who have gained and achieved benefits from URINE THERAPY”. Some of the patients have given their written statements and some have given their recorded statements before and after the treatment. Urine Therapy is the Excellent Healing Modality which is more effective and powerful Natural treatment.

Doctors, Scientists and the Research Department should not have any barrier for the Natural method of Treatment as long as the patients are cured. They can conduct the proper Survey by observing the improvement of the Mental and Physical Health of the patients who have achieved remarkable benefits without Surgery. They can also examine their various diagnose and Medical test reports. Doctors and Scientists should provide their Moral support to Recommend and Encourage the People to adopt this Treatment.

Doctors and scientists should believe the facts that “URINE has Natural Divine Healing Power” and there is only one Natural remedy which can CURE various kinds of Diseases. They can do Research and can have Scientific evidence that whatever I have claimed is the truth.

W.H.O. and Government should Recognize “URINE THERAPY”. It is safe and the most effective method of treatment. They are well aware that some of the Pharmaceutical companies have grossed Billions of rupees from sale of life saving Drugs and Injections made from Human Urine.

The Government Organization, Scientist, Doctors, Media and Private Organization should Create Awareness on “URINE THERAPY” and Educate people on the proper Method, Technique, Mode of Treatment and necessary diet to Achieve the Benefits from Urine Therapy.

The Awareness should reach all the remote corners of the World.


The Government should PROMOTE “URINE THERAPY”

It is very POWERFUL Natural Treatment and can Save Millions of LIFE

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